Friday, August 27, 2010

Joe Miller, Losing It Momentarily, Tweets That Lisa Murkowski is a Hooker

Just after 11:00 a.m. apparent GOP Alaska primary winner for the U.S. Senate race, Joe Miller, tweeted:

What's the difference between selling out your party's values and the oldest profession?


Soon afterward the tweet was deleted, but the damage to his campaign might not be so easy to erase.

The Alaska blog, The Mudflats, is headlining the tweet:

Joe Miller Calls senator Lisa Murkowski a Whore?

Justin Elliott at headlines his story:

Miller suggests Murkowski is a prostitute

The Washington Post is headlining their article:

Joe Miller compres Murkowski third-party bid to prostitution

Democratic Party nominee for this Senate seat race, Sitka Mayor Scott McAdams, hasn't yet commented on Miller's major gaffe, but his campaign is aware that this isn't the first time a statement by Miller has raised the eyebrows of feminists. Miller is staunchly anti-choice.

Word just in that Miller is reputed to have been in a three-car wreck this morning in Fairbanks. apparently, one of the three drivers, who rear-ended another, was tweeting.

Some wrecks are easier to fix than others.

(more on the car wreck as information comes in. I heard it on Shannyn Moore's KUDO AM talk radio program)

Gryph at the Immoral Minority isn't quibbling in his headline on this:

Joe Miller refers to Lisa Murkowski as a whore! Boy that Sarah Palin sure can pick'em!

Yes she can!

image - by Aaron Jansen from The Alaska Dispatch


sallyngarland,tx said...

He can't get out of this one. He insulted Murkowski but said he didn't mean to. So, he says he meant the Libertarian Party. Is it supposed to be okay to insult the LP.? Not a very smart guy. Either way, someone is a prostitute in his mind. But, why? I thought he was Mr Super Christian, in the woods, antler throwing,whatever!

Philip Munger said...

sallyngarland - all of which makes him accusatory to the AK Independence Party, for renting themselves out to Wally in 1990, eh?

Anonymous said...

PLEASE let him have been tweeting and driving.

akbright said...

Joe Miller rear-ended another guy, and He's calling Sen Murkowskia a whore?

Melinda said...

The other problem here, and I hope he gets slapped silly for it, is that he's making it clear that in his view the top priority should be the Party, not the state.

Anonymous said...

Why can't his comment be directed toward Sarah? Maybe something is wrong in paradise.

Anonymous said...

I believe if you check again it wasn't Miller that tweeted this. You might want to make a correction on your post, Phil.

Philip Munger said...

anon @ 8:20 p.m: you believe that BS?

The only tweet made on Miller's account that didn't emanate from his personal blackberry was the one disowning the tweet quoted. Should you produce absolute proof that Miller did not tweet it, I'll update the post. Thanks.