Friday, August 13, 2010

What If Mike Gravel Had Won in 2008? - A Real Alaskan

hat tip to Jane Hamsher, who is using this Gravel skit to headline a post at firedoglake on the California marijuana legalization initiative.

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emrysa said...

fun video!

I certainly think that gravel would have been great as a president. but people like him don't get far in this country because the powers that be wouldn't stand for it.

I never knew much about him until I watched the debates, and I thought he was great. he just told it like it was, didn't bother to sugar-coat anything. I wish he was able to have a more prominent position in the political sphere, we could certainly benefit.

I thought kucinich/gravel would have been my perfect ticket! ahh but then this is america... nice dream tho.