Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mushroom Hunting

It was a nice afternoon to check out some new places to look for edible wild mushrooms. The Knik Arm flats by Cottonwood Creek are in the foreground. The Eklutna and Peter's Creek Valleys are in the background.

Not what I was looking for - very young Amanita Muscaria mushrooms.

Boletus, but not what I was looking for. Called Birch Boletus locally, these turn inky black when bruised or cooked. They taste fine, but look rather forbidding.

Called Spruce Boletus locally, these are OK, but not the very best Boletus.

Here is one - Boletus Edulis, the best.

A clump of edible but not at all choice mushrooms on a downed birch tree.

Mushroom clumps on a ledge, overlooking Cottonwood Creek.

The bounty in the kitchen, ready to be sorted and cleaned.


Belle said...

I wish I knew how to pick mushrooms that won't kill you. But I'm too scared to learn and then try it.

Celia Harrison said...

Beautiful mushrooms. My significant other for years in Washington was the mushroom expert. Even though I even helped him teach classes on mushroom identification I have never felt comfortable foraging.

Anonymous said...

I was stalking mushrooms this weekend too. Check out this picture of what I think is a Cortinarius archeri, but unsure. I keep going back to visit it and watch it grow..

Alaska Hydro said...

The picture you have labeled as an Amanita Muscaria is more than likely an Amanita Pantherina. They are fairly rare. Just FYI, thought I would let you know.