Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dave Dittman Confirms Ted Stevens Among Fatalities in Wood-Tikchik Area Plane Crash


ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Dave Dittman, a former aide and longtime family friend of former Sen. Ted Stevens says Stevens was killed in a plane crash near Dillingham Monday night. Nine people were on board, including former NASA Chief Sean O'Keefe. Five people were killed in the crash, but other identities were not known, nor are the conditions of the survivors.


Anonymous said...

It took a long time for Ted to see that the hundreds of villages identified in ANCSA and ANILCA would benefit from federal recognition. Bureau of Indian Affairs Administrator Ada Deer under the Clinton Administration near-unilaterally declared tribal status of over 200 Alaska Tribes and our Alaskan Delegation and the State certainly was not happy.

However, Ted Stevens came to realize and appreciate how much the Tribes could utilize such federally designated funding to improve the quality of life and infrastructure in rural and remote parts of the State this way. He embraced Tribal status and advocated to the best of his abilities and it showed and continues to show today.

We are still Third World, something Sarah Palin has first hand knowledge but disinterest in. Her grandmother-in-law lives in near poverty in Dillingham but dang-it, she has her own bootstraps to pull herself up with.

At least Todd inherited a fishing permit and gets to take fish from his brethren and supplement their diverse income.

I disrespect such an extraordinary Statesman and Alaskan advocate by bringing up a fraud like Sarah Palin, but it should be glaringly obvious how advocating for Alaska as an elected leader or lobbyist should be and can be done.

Rest in Peace Mr. Chairman.

M in Bethel, AK

Anonymous said...

Nice. Using the death of Ted Stevens to attack the Palins. How sad.


Anonymous said...

Dan, I'm sure Sarah will use the death of Ted Stevens to her full advantage. She is a media whore diva wannabe who uses every opportunity to put herself in the spotlight.

Get your head out of the place where the sun don't shine and recognize her for what she is.. a worthless piece of pond scum.