Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Go Vote!

This was in my email in-box when I arrived at work this morning:

I'm sending this message to you for lack of knowing anyone else in the press.

I voted at Muldoon Road Baptist Church (location Muldoon 2) at 7:15 this morning, and by 7:20 when I left, the open ballots still had not delivered. This means that anyone who did not select the Republican ballot could not vote until the ballots were delivered.

(I chose the Republican ballot anyway so I could at least cast an anti-Joe-Miller vote.)

I have been looking at the Div. of Elections web site and can't find a place to report voting irregularities short of calling their main phone number - but maybe I haven't looked hard enough.


Anonymous said...

I guess I'll vote republican, against Miller too. I'd prefer to vote for him, just to vote against him in the general election. Getting rid of Murkowski would be a wonderful thing. However, I don't want the twitter-quitter to get a bigger head.

michael said...

That's terrible. Also that's Representative Pete Petersen's district, and he's an honest guy who deserves our support. Check out this great video of him singing and playing his guitar.


Anonymous said...

petersen is going to make it to the general and doesn't really need the primary vote. your argument will matter in november.

Anonymous said...

You waste your votes when pulling off shit like this.

Anonymous said...

The time to put in efforts towards an election, whether it be monitoring the process and inform voters of their rights in that process, or to analyze candidates and the possible consequences of various races, isn't several hours after the polls open.

The definition of being pro-actively involved in politics has exactly nothing to do with after the fact reactionary speculation and finger wagging.

But then again, being pro-active would entail putting in some work.

Why bother when you can cut and paste the ephemera and pretend you're acting as a voice for progressive ideas in Alaska?

Anyone can wag their finger in hindsight, and it seems those who call themselves Alaskan 'progressives' prefer that rather than actually putting in any committed work.

You want to know why sanity doesn't resonate with most Alaska voters?

There's too little sanity on offer.

The Democrats, and those who identify themselves as a part of the so-called 'Alaska progressive blog community' need to get off their asses and start putting in the work.

The reason Alaska is leading with 'the crazy', and most likely the reddest state in the nation?

It's because there is no effective push-back against 'the crazy'...


Anonymous said...

That's enough out of you, Anonymous. Show some respect.

Anonymous said...

I have no deficiency in the 'showing respect' category.

Judging by the posts since my comment, at least one so-called 'blogger' has turned his attention a bit more toward local politics and that is a welcome change.

Would that attention been focused towards local politics before the primary, perhaps some of the more conservative readers might have learned a bit more about their 'alternate' candidate.

Maybe, even those more conservative readers would have conducted themselves in a manner which deserved some small measure of respect.

Probably wishful thinking, but who knows...

As it is, I stand by the comments above, and hope it spurs some of the so-called, self-professed 'progressives' to actually act like they know what that connotation should mean.

Too often is seems either an allusion, ..or simply an illusion, ....for some, definitely a delusion.

Respect is earned, ...it's never obligatory, imperative, or incumbent that it be dispensed willy nilly.

To do so would demean the whole concept of respect.