Thursday, October 8, 2009

To Hear or Not to Hear - Alison Weir in Anchorage Thursday & Friday

Journalist and lecturer, Alison Weir, continues her series of talks on the ongoing confrontation between Israeli expansionism and Palestinian rights, today and Friday in Anchorage:

· Bartlett Political Forum
Thursday October 8, 12 noon
Denny’s Restaurant, 3950 DeBarr
(coffee $1.75)

· Alaska World Affairs Council
Friday October 9, 12 noon
Hilton Hotel
($6 coffee, $25 non-member lunch)

· Alaskans for Palestine, with Alaskans for Peace & Justice
Friday October 9, 7 pm
Wilda Marston Theatre, Loussac Library
(free, donations accepted)

As related last week at PA, there has been relentless pressure to have Ms. Weir's appearances here canceled.

Some of those seeking to have Weir muzzled here, have spread the false meme that Weir is a "Holocaust denier." She solidly refuted that allegation last Saturday in an Anchorage radio appearance.

Others have observed that an article Weir published in the August 28-30 edition of the on-line journal, Counterpunch, is, in their minds, anti-Semitic. Some of my friends believe that to be the case. Others feel she merely failed to connect some dots together - at all, let alone tenuously - as she delved into Medieval Italian history, reliant upon an historian who is not nearly as reputable or prestigious as her article claimed him to be. The latter point of view is closest to my own feelings on this matter at this time.

Weir's Counterpunch article.

One criticism, from an American blogger.

Another criticism, from an Israeli blogger, on some of Weir's Counterpunch source material.

I recommend attending one of Weir's talks and listening to her, and to the most likely lively discussions her views will bring forth.


Casey said...

Phil I would love to hear Ms. Weir speak. "sigh" I read counterpunch, and am horrified to say the least. Truly, I don't know what to think, although I had heard and read similar things before.

The "Blood Libel" I gather references what I would term an ugly rumour of spells etc., from days long past. I can see how that was used to whip up people to the frenzy that created pogroms etc.

However, I do believe this garners an indepth look. To just brush it off, because it sounds so horrible, is just not right.

Makabit Bat Guriel said...

It was interesting to see evil up close and personal today.
I don't believe she liked it when I patted her on the shoulder and told her it was truly amazing how she and David Duke shared the exact same ideas.
If looks could kill...but I personally got the feeling she'd of like to of done more than just glare at me.
It was so much fun invading the liars space! I didn't see your ass there though, Phil. Joints acting up today? LOLOL

Correcting Mistakes said...

I was nearby when "Makabit" made her comment while passing by Weir. Wier was talking to someone else at the time and barely seemed to have even heard this snide remark. In point of fact Weir's presentation emphasized that the crimes of the Israeli government did not represent all Israelis or even all Isreali soldiers.

Truth be told, it is zionists who represent racism, not people who believe that all people, including Palestinian, should be treated equally.

Phil seems to find it difficult to get over his attachment to Israel. The truth is that Weir did answer his question -- maybe he just wasn't listening. He should watch the videos that a person made on her talking about her organ trafficking article. I think these are also posted on her blog.

Also, I'm tired of having Phil call himself "Progressive Alaska" -- that's a bit grandiose for one person's blog.

I wonder if he'll post this comment.