Saturday, October 17, 2009

Let's Hit This One Out of the Park


Anonymous said...

The last part of the tribute to Gordon Haber included a hurtful
diatribe about me by Phillip
Munger, and I do not recall any of the nasty conversation he conveyed. Moreover, Friends of Animals' tribute to Gordon Haber which we published on our Web site and sent to Wolfsong, was put together by me with a writer, so refering to me as "rabid" and saying it was fitting a tribute to my friend Gordon wasn't written by me is wrong. Vicious, too. I'm requesting an apology and phone call, please.

Priscilla Feral
Friends of Animals

Philip Munger said...

Ms. Feral,

I'm sorry you don't remember our conversations in the winter and early spring of 1993. What you and your organization did with your ads at that time was to hurt small Alaska businesses that identified completely with Mr. Haber's work, and to a certain extent, with the work of Friends of Animals.

My recollections and notes of our conversations then bear me out that you were shockingly rude and obstreperous. And that you hung up on me.

The tribute to which you refer does not bear your name.

ps - I believe you meant to post your note to the preceding post, rather than this one.

Priscilla Feral said...

Let's talk, Phillip. I called you at home and requested a phone call.
The tribute was written by Anai and obviously it's with my collaboration but why do you press this point and call me names when we're honor and mourning the death of Gordon Haber? Really hurtful and outrageous.

I work at resolving conflicts. How about it?