Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sen. Begich's Two Senate Floor Speeches Today

On Benefits for the Alaska Territorial National Guard:

On The Need to Reduce or Contain Costs in Health Care:


James said...

I voted for Begich and we may underestimate his value as a member of the Democratic caucus, but this speech seems very weak to me. He's blaming his constituents (we aren't doing enough preventive stuff), and not the rip-off health "care" system, for the mess we are now in.

Perhaps Senator Begich would propose Boot Camp for Adults. We'd get our lives cleaned up by drill sergeants. No vices allowed, and afterwards we'd be reformed, see the light, and change our ways for ever an ever amen. With our good and reformed healthier lives we'd be less demanding of our overburdened health care system.

I don't think Senator Begich had anything to say in his speech about how to reform health care. He seemed inundated with excuses to kill reform. And he seemed to think the basic problem is humans are humans-- we'd be a lot better off if we changed that part of the problem.

James said...

Of course, of the two speeches here, I'm referring to the speech on Health Care reform-- Begich doesn't seem to think Health Care should be reformed. Instead, he seems to imply his constituents should be reformed. This makes me boil! I'm furious with this guy.