Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cenk Uygur Hearts John Ziegler?

Well..... not quite. But he raises some interesting points.

Earlier this week, progressive commentator Cenk Uygur, from the talk video/webcast The Young Turks, covered conservative mockumentarian John Ziegler's ejection from the Western Conservative Political Action Caucus convention last Saturday.

Uygur, observes that his program has asked some of the same questions posed by Ziegler to CPAC head, David Keane:

OK. But maybe Cenk should have watched this YouTube, made last May, when Ziegler failed to object to the ejection of Anchorage Press reporter, Brendan Joel Kelley, from the sparsely attended Anchorage showing of Ziegler's propaganda piece, Media Malpractice:

I'll email a link to the Kelley ejection video to Cenk.

Essentially, Ziegler - once again - shows his rank hypocrisy.


Anonymous said...

As nutty as Ziegler is, his actions pale in comparison to what you and Zaki did the day Palin announced her resignation.

That one allegation, that your source who is sometimes connected to CNN, had the low down on criminal charges that were soon going to be brought against the Palins.

Yeah, right.

It looks like we're still waiting for those charges, eh ?

Malicious reporting such as that is far more dangerous than anything that moron Ziegler will ever do.

What's more appalling is that you, a credentialed university professor, have never apologized or taken ownership of those comments which were posted under your pseudonym Edward Teller.

So before you go slamming everybody else and their brother with whom you disagree, step back for just one moment and take a good long look in the mirror, Mr. Munger.

And then do yourself a favor and go look up the meaning of integrity and start applying it to your writing.

This just in my inbox, from a source connected sometimes to CNN:

“Here’s a quote I got from law enforcement here in Alaska yesterday afternoon regarding Palin “a criminal indictment is pending authorization.”

baja said...

So, that is the renowned Brendon Joe Kelley? That was some pretty pointed questioning and witty responses. Yawn.