Friday, October 2, 2009

Another Busy Friday

University of Alaska Anchorage Art Department Chairman Mariano Gonzales' installation at the art gallery in Alaska Pacific University's Grant Hall opened Friday evening. The installation asks people to write their feelings about our continuing wars in the Middle East and Afghanistan on papers placed upon a long wall. By the time the opening was over at 6:30 p.m, his papers were almost 25% full.

As part of the opening, I performed a new version of Shards, for bugle and electronic sound.

Here is how the space looked from behind my music stand:
Here is National Guard veteran Macon Roberts, writing his long comment:
Here is the comment by APU President, Doug North (please note the facile misspelling of the word guerrilla by the president of a university):

After packing up my sound gear at APU, I drove out to the Palmer fairgrounds, for the Friends of Mat-Su fundraiser with Mr. Whitekeys. He had a lot of great new material.

Here's a shot during the Crazy Woman sequence:
Author Joe McGinniss and Mr. Whitekeys:
Here's AK Muckraker, Brian the Moose and Whitekeys, after the show:


Casey said...

???? Does Mr. North not realizs that Iraq had nothing to do with the 2977 he mentions? I wish I could have seen that exhibit. I am sure it was enlightening and impressive.

Philip Munger said...


Tell me what you'd like to write and I'll go over to APU and write it and sign your name, if that's OK.


clark said...

what a crap comment by North.
'oh, we didn't review this, or it would have never seen the light of day! just in case anyone thinks it controversial, don't blame me!' what a pussy.
i wanted to get over there but didn't make it; will definitely go over and write on that wall before the exhibit closes. i have a few words to say about it. maybe i'll type it up on a letterhead and thumb tack it up, like North's P.O.S. just to mock him.

Don said...

The question is why we're fighting in the Middle East Casey, not Iraq. It is meant to include Afghanistan. The exhibit is not particularly enlightening unless you never bothered to learn how to handle the flag correctly before.

Clark. Dr. North is responsible for the image of APU as an institution and for the continuing operation and success of the university. Whatever else this exhibit has done, it has caused a serious disruption and put the university in the hotseat over an issue which is not directly relevant to it as an academic institution. There are students who have stated that they are severing ties with the university over this exhibit and staff members who refuse to enter Grant Hall until it's removed. Furthermore, Mr. Gonzales has no affiliation with APU but has put the university's credibility on the line. Until you develop the intelligence to grasp the responsibility associated with the position of a university President, you should probably refrain from making any personal attacks. You also may wish to consider all the opportunities available to you because of men and women who have fought and died under that very flag. Imagine how such an exhibit might affect a veteran who fought bravely because we (yes we, 76% of Americans and nearly all of congress supported the war) asked them to.

As art, this exhibit has no more value or creativity than a mediocre and distasteful political cartoon. Surely such a man as Mr. Gonzales can do better.