Sunday, August 19, 2012

Todd Akin, Jesse Griffin and Legitimate Rape

One of several controversies surrounding GOP political figures that surfaced over this mid-August weekend was that caused by Missouri Representative Todd Akin, who is campaigning to take Blue Dog Democrat Claire McHaskill's seat in November.  Here's what he said on a Missouri TV station this weekend:

Here's the transcript:

“First of all, from what I understand from doctors [pregnancy from rape] is really rare,” Akin told KTVI-TV in an interview posted Sunday. “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.” 
Akin said that even in the worst-case scenario — when the supposed natural protections against unwanted pregnancy fail — abortion should still not be a legal option for the rape victim. 
“Let’s assume that maybe that didn’t work, or something,” Akin said. “I think there should be some punishment, but the punishment ought to be on the rapist and not attacking the child.”
What the hell is "legitimate rape"?

Fortunately, we don't have to go any further than the local Alaska blog, The Immoral Minority, and its owner, Jesse Griffin, to get an answer.  He thinks that rape in prison is "legitimate rape":
Somehow I think this verdict knocked that cocky grin right off Schaeffer Cox's face.  
Now he is headed to PMITA prison. And in my opinion it couldn't happen to a more deserving guy.
That was penned back on June 18th, when Shaeffer Cox was sentenced to a long term in Federal prison.  PMITA, by the way, are the initials of Pound Me in the Ass, which, in the context of the term, means forcible rape of male prisoners.

By announcing "it couldn't happen to a more deserving guy," Griffin was fully endorsing not only a criminal act, but also giving a sort of legitimacy to this awful product of a criminal justice system gone amok.

Griffin wasn't alone back then at The Immoral Minority in endorsing criminal sexual assault in our prisons.  At the time, I wrote about the sickening comments at his blog:
I sent well over 100 people back to prison, while working to assure thousands of others were released back into public life after serving their time. 
Nothing sickens me more in regard to incarceration, prison or prison life than wishes for sexual violence upon a prisoner, female or male.  That young males bound for prison will be forcefully sodomized while institutionalized is a meme,  most notably, commonly. and carelessly shown through "Bubba" references 
Anyone who wishes rape upon another person, or predicts such ill treatment, while at the same time not doing anything to reduce chances of that occurring, is a scoundrel.
This summer, a close friend who had read both Griffin's disgusting trash and my response, asked me if I thought Griffin had learned from my column.  I told him, "I hope so, but probably not."

But a tweet on the Todd Akin matter today, forced me to check The Immoral Minority for the first time in a while:

As if on cue, The Immoral Minority is back to wishing for the "legitimate rape" of Schaeffer Cox:
He'll make someone a lovely wife in prison.
I agree, and I'm thinking that's why he wants to cut a deal. He's already been road-tested by several and has decided life would be better on the outside.
Griffin moderates every comment at his site.  Continuing to promote rape, as he does, is a major stain on our progressive blogging community in Alaska.  

He is no better a man than Rep. Todd Akin.


Anonymous said...

Phil, question. I was just talking to a good friend who mentioned she has a friend from Michigan who used to live in Alaska a decade ago (dont know more specifics as to when. She was a DEA agent). She lived in the Palins neighborhood and said she knew them well, that they were great people she always enjoyed being friends with, and that she herself was part of the group up there, like the Palins, who frequently played host when important people come to town.

Any ideas who this could be? I've met several people who lived in Alaska and knew the family, and this unidentified woman just mirrors what they all say.

Anonymous said...

Curious. I wonder about the meth issues in Wasilla. Also, too, the arrest of the Johnston woman is questionable.

Anonymous said...

Gryphen is the Howard Stern of the Blogs.. sensationalism is his thing, it brings in the clicks..if it's not about Bristol, Sarah, Todd he get very few comments, then he throws in religion, rape and the gays for good measure..He also seems to think HE is the one who brought down Sarah...LOL.I think she did that on her own with no help from him.

Philip Munger said...

anon @ 4:53 am - I don't have a clue. A close friend is also retired long-time DEA. I'll ask.

Anonymous said...

I wish that you Alaskan bloggers could settle your differences. You were all much more fun to follow a few years ago when the Sarah Palin nutcase was your main topic.

Philip Munger said...

"You were all much more fun to follow a few years ago when the Sarah Palin nutcase was your main topic."

--- I'm not here to entertain you, I am here to do what I can to change things. Go read the fucking comics or Immoral Minority if you want to be entertained.