Monday, August 6, 2012

Seattle Vignettes

Judy and I arrived in Seattle for my mom's and sister's birthdays early Saturday morning.

Above is my mom (who just turned 94, with her newest quilt.  It is her first black-and-white-only design.

Below are the six Blue Angels, over my brother Lee's house on Mercer Island:

Below are the six Blue Angels the next day, over Seattle, as we crossed the Sound, on our way to Indianola:

Below, docked at Pier 91, is the brand new (completed in May) USS San Diego, the sixth of ten San Diego class amphibious transport docks (LPD) being built for the US Navy.  The seventh, now under construction, will be the USS Anchorage):

Today, we are headed to the Port Angeles area, to look at the changes to the Elwha River, due to the ongoing dam removal projects there.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilt.

akbright said...

I agree, It is a very beautiful quilt.

Anonymous said...

That is one beautiful quilt. AKjah.