Friday, August 17, 2012

Shell Oil - Spilling Oil from Bellingham Bay to Nigeria - Right Now!

Here's the Arctic Challenger, with oil containment booms placed around it in Bellingham Bay, after three or more oil spills were discovered.  The State of Washington is not happy.

That was mid-week.  Today, it has been announced that Shell is once again spilling a lot of oil in the Niger Delta:
The oil giant Shell is being accused of a new oil spill in southern Nigeria. The Nigerian NGO Environmental Rights Action says it has observed an "extensive" spill on the Brass River in the Niger Delta. Shell has shut down an oil processing site but denies claims of a large spill. The news comes days after Exxon Mobil acknowledged a separate oil spill in the Delta. A U.N. report one year ago said the region will already need 30 years and around $1 billion to at least partially recover from environmental damage caused by major oil companies over several decades.

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