Monday, August 27, 2012

Why Obama is Compelled to Destroy Assange, Manning and Others Who Fight Against Our Evil Empire

Bradley Manning's release of the video of US aviators butchering innocent civilians should have resulted in a trial and imprisonment of the perpetrators of the obvious war crime. Instead, Obama's henchmen went after the people who informed us of the atrocity.


 I think this video shows that it is possible that Obama, especially in his formative years, when he was smoking a lot of good Hawaiian bud and being overwhelmed by propaganda images similar to some portrayed in this video, got sucked into the Borg shown so well in this short documentary.

 When I confronted so-called liberals at a Wasilla fundraiser this past weekend about Obama and our increased military spending, their eyes glazed over.

 We've been hypnotized into being the most ferocious military empire in human history.

  hat tip to Birgitta Jonsdottir


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I appreciate the implications of your headline, but the film you posted is absolutely powerful. I have to say I agree with Huxley's view, and that of others in the film. With more and more technology at our fingertips, we are innudated with information overload (99% of it pretty worthless) and technology is removing the remnants of our humanity and thinking capabilities to a large extent. Rather than developing our intellects, we're an ever more consuming society of the frivolous and entertaining--which is why this video won't get widespread publicity, but we ignore its message at our own peril.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant inundated.

Anonymous said...

the military industrial complex is a vital part of our economy and selling weapons to whomever wants them is a big business with factories in every congressional district so it is unlikely that BO would be selling less weapons in a world so angry and scared. Imagine a world where those military factories were cranking out solar panels and 100mpg cars or we were sending food to countries instead of guns.

Anonymous said...

Baracquiescent 0bamanipulation epitomized!