Sunday, August 19, 2012

Current Positions of the Main Elements of Shell's 2012 Arctic Drilling Fleet

Currently, here are the positions of some of the main elements of Shell's ships and rigs that are attempting to drill at least one exploratory well in the Arctic, as the end of the season looms closer:

Anchor setting tug, Tor Viking II:  66.42113° / -167.9843° (Map) - course 190 degrees, 8.5 knots

Offshore supply vessel, Nanuq:  Moored off Pt. Franklin:  71.08024˚ / -160.8226˚ (Map)

Emergency storage tanker and diesel supply vessel, Affinity:  Moored near Nanuq, off Pt. Franklin:  71.08024˚ / -160.8226˚ (Map)

Icebreaker Fennica:  71.22069° / -161.6863° (Map) - westerly course, current speed 8.1 knots

Drilling Rig Noble Discoverer:  53.91687° / -166.622° (Map) - moored in Broad Bay, Dutch Harbor

Drilling Rig Kulluk:  Position data blocked.  Believed to be moored near Noble Discoverer

Anchor-laying tug, Alviq:  No transponder connected to

Oil response barge, Arctic Challenger:  docked in Bellingham Bay, undergoing system installation, modification, testing and certification.

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