Wednesday, August 1, 2012

In Russia, This Could Get You Seven Years in Prison

The Russian alternative band, Pussy Riot, is in prison, awaiting a show trial, for staging the above video. Here are the lyrics to Punk Prayer:

St. Maria, Virgin, Drive away PutinDrive away! Drive away Putin!(end chorus) 

Black robe, golden epaulettesAll parishioners are crawling and bowingThe ghost of freedom is in heavenGay pride sent to Siberia in chains
The head of the KGB is their chief saintLeads protesters to prison under escortIn order not to offend the HolyWomen have to give birth and to love
Holy shit, shit, Lord's shit!Holy shit, shit, Lord's shit! 
(Chorus)St. Maria, Virgin, become a feministBecome a feminist, Become a feminist(end chorus) 
Church praises the rotten dictatorsThe cross-bearer procession of black limousinesIn school you are going to meet with a teacher-preacherGo to class - bring him money!
Patriarch Gundyaev believes in PutinBitch, you better believed in GodBelt of the Virgin is no substitute for mass-meetingsIn protest of our Ever-Virgin Mary! 
(Chorus)St. Maria, Virgin, Drive away PutinDrive away! Drive away Putin!(end chorus)
Here'a a recent full-length news story on the band's situation:

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Chris said...

This is messed up. Although we probably can't look down on them too much as our government is not too far behind.