Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Say "Goodbye" to the Friends of Mat-Su and "Hello" to Envision Mat-su

From the office of Envision Mat-Su:

August 28th, 2012 
For Immediate Release 
Jeremiah Millen- Executive Director, Envision Mat-Su 
(907) 982-9819

Longtime Mat-Su Borough Citizen’s Group Rolls Out New Community Project Introducing New Name and Vision.

Friends of Mat-Su (FoMS) is getting a full makeover as a result of a yearlong strategic planning effort.

The role of the Friends of Mat-Su has grown considerably since it was founded in 2000, says Executive Director, Jeremiah Millen.

Though perhaps best known for it’s work as a citizen driven land use planning organization and borough watchdog, in recent years FoMS has adopted much broader approach for creating partnerships, developing innovative solutions and building a collective vision for sustainable community development.

Thus, FoMS will soon roll out a rebranding strategy complete with a new name – Envision Mat-Su.

“We have changed our name because Envision Mat-Su better reflects the evolution of the organization and more clearly describes our new vision. We believe the new name invokes strong feelings of progress, action and inspirational work that will make the Mat-Su a better place to live, work and play.

We envision a Mat-Su with vibrant cities and towns close to clean rivers, lakes, and parks. A Mat-Su that invests its taxpayer money wisely, and sees its economic competitiveness directly tied to its high quality of life. In short, we envision a Mat-Su that is focused on thoughtful development and thriving communities,” said Millen.

As part of the roll out of the new name and vision, Envision Mat-Su will be holding a public event to introduce a new project on Cottonwood Creek in downtown Wasilla. The project includes the creation of a newly constructed bridge railing, designed and built by local Wasilla Alaska artist, Holly Gittlein. The artwork, titled, “Reflection,” features a holistic rendition of a full salmon lifecycle along this important urban waterway and community gathering space.

The event will include a public unveiling of the new railing, a ribbon cutting ceremony and several key speakers who will talk about the project and the importance of healthy salmon populations in the Mat-Su.

In addition, cake and refreshments will be included for those who attend.

What: Public Unveiling of Cottonwood Creek Mat-Su Urban Pathways Project Date: 

Friday, August 31st, 2012 Time: 4-5 PM Location: 550 W 7th Ave, Wasilla, AK 99654 

Google Map: Click Here

Contact Information: 
Jeremiah Millen, Executive Director, (907) 982-9819

note: This blog's owner is the Secretary of the Board of Directors of Envision Mat-Su


Anonymous said...

Hi Phil,

The google map link is broken and I typed the address into google and can't get any info except that this is somewhere near Home Depot?

Ever since seeing your photos of the bridge we've been curious where it is located. Is it behind Target on the slough leading to Wasilla Lake?

Thanks for your help!

Philip Munger said...

The bridge is down on the creek, behind Johnson's Tire Service. I'm not quite sure where the best place to park is, though.

Anonymous said...


FOMS started out as a good group of people working for a better community. It was over taken by radicals who lost credibility with the community.

Hopefully this new makeover will signal the beginning of a thoughtful group of community minded people who regain respect within the community and make a positive contribution.

One thing everyone in the community can agree on is the need for healthy populations of salmon in our streams.

Even this red neck conservative can appreciate the new FOMS efforts to protect salmon.

Anonymous said...

Like it, but I liked Friends also.
wonder if the old name had too much baggage after all these years of moving and shaking. With another ten years of road building, tower construction etc. the next name might be, ImagineMatSu.