Monday, June 18, 2012

The Sick People at the Immoral Minority - Updated

Jesse Griffin at my house, back when we were friends
I  worked in the field of public safety for over twelve years.  Seven of them in the field of corrections, at Anchorage's Cordova Center, the state's largest halfway house.

I ran the place for two of those years.

I sent well over 100 people back to prison, while working to assure thousands of others were released back into public life after serving their time.

Nothing sickens me more in regard to incarceration, prison or prison life than wishes for sexual violence upon a prisoner, female or male.  That young males bound for prison will be forcefully sodomized while institutionalized is a meme,  most notably, commonly. and carelessly shown through "Bubba" references.

Anyone who wishes rape upon another person, or predicts such ill treatment, while at the same time not doing anything to reduce chances of that occurring, is a scoundrel.

Jesse Griffin, has posted a diary about the convictions in the Alaska militia trial today.  Here are some of the sick fucks' comments to his post:
I think Cox will be so busy bending over in the shower to pick up his soap that he won't have the time to do any damage.
He's going to be someone's bitch real soon. With a boyish face like that you know he'll be grabbed real quick by the meanest of the mean. I hope he enjoys his new life
to which somebody replied:
Funny, I had the same thought while reading the post.
I'm fine with that!
Say goodbye to cocky cox. He will now be a lifer´s meek and submissive girlfriend. The loudest guys in the room are always the weakest.

I can see him now wearing a Sarah fright wig, Sarah fuck me shoes, Sarah fake glasses, and Belmont girls.

Jesse Griffin moderates all comments posted at his blog.

Obviously not to delete or comment upon his fans' wishes for sexual violence in Federal prisons, though.

Am I wrong to think his policy is disturbing in a major way?

Update - Tuesday Morning:  Since I wrote this, more sick comments are piling in:

The inevitable "Bubba" comment:
One has to wonder how tough Mr. Cox will be once Bubba gets hold. One can almost hear his whimpering in the distance! Cuddle time, Cox?
A commenter made a similar observation to mine:
Interesting that people who are supposed to be liberals are gleeful about someone being anally raped. Prison rape jokes aren't funny. It's a bizarre American thing I'll never understand. Yes I'm American, yes I'm liberal. I used to laugh about it too until I matured.
The responses:
Go back to your hole you troll!! These guys deserve every bit of anal pounding that they're going to get.

Gryphen writes a great blog and all you can do is complain because we're telling it like it is.
and finally, Lefty O'Douls writes: 
Maybe you should line up next to Schaeffer for your turn.
And I missed the fact earlier that Jesse Griffin himself invited the sickos to launch away, by linking to an Urban Dictionary definition I had never seen before - PMITA. It stands for "pound me in the ass":
Somehow I think this verdict knocked that cocky grin right off Schaeffer Cox's face.

Now he is headed to PMITA prison. And in my opinion it couldn't happen to a more deserving guy. 


Anonymous said...

I agree with you and have found it extremely uncivilized that normal people take it for granted that our prison system is so corrupt as to turn a blind eye to sexual assault.
Do you know whether our director of corrections ever issued a statement that sexual misconduct in Alaska's prisons is punishable by law - in or out of prison.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Phil, I agree with you 100%. No one deserves to be raped, and Griffin is as bad as the hateful Tea-hadists when he perpetuates this kind of discussion.

It saddens me that he doesn't see this as a problem, and it is an area in which the Tea Party groups would agree with him in their stance, only disagreeing with who belongs in the slammer.

Philip Munger said...

I've been thinking about this trial a lot, writing about it very little.

Later. Meanwhile -

Immoral Minority does some things right - like Gryph's sincere and sometimes uplifting posts on LBGT issues.

Anonymous said...

(I'm the second poster.) He's also a sincere and mostly good hearted person. I would trust him emphatically with anything-- except someone who he believed guilty of something he didn't like!

I am fairly certain that if a person came to him with a problem that he could help solve that he'd do anything in his power to fix, not judging them unless they were pushy with their beliefs.

Anonymous said...

My niece was abused in the system. It is sick when people who hold power over you abuse that power

Anonymous said...

Thank You Phil..I'm glad someone else has noticed how sick some of the comments are on IM. This is happening more and more even on his Palin posts, it seems as though they try to get away with as much as they can with their nasty talk, anyone who speaks up against this kind of talk is called a troll. I think he lets these kind of comments through because it brings in the clicks, any serious posts have very few comments anymore and him posting these kind of nasty comments makes me wonder what he's trying to prove.

Anonymous said...

Yes Gryph does often re-post interesting articles he finds elsewhere and has a general liberal disposition that I agree with for the most part. But his childish and crude behavior is intolerable. The comments on his site are usually asinine and demonstrate his target audience.

I'm sure you'll be removed from his blogroll for this and be put on the list of people that he'll have nothing to do with. Join the club.

Anonymous said...

I also meant to add that you're right about his censoring the comments. There's a reason he uses a system where all comments must be moderated. He's not a fan of free speech. Comments criticizing him will not be allowed. Not allowing free speech on ones blog is very cowardly if you ask me.


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of another blog that doesn't allow free speech..C4P! But he does allow 1 resident Troll: Kristy..she helps bring in the clicks!!! or is Kristy another side of Jesse?

Anonymous said...

Yes, C4P and Jesse share opinions on censorship. But at C4P you can post and have it stay up for a while.

I wouldn't put it past Jesse to write his own comments to generate buzz. He does allow (or creates) ignorant pro-Sarah trolls so that his troglodyte base can have fun putting them down. It's like shooting fish in a barrel. That's why I never read the comments on his site. They're so immature it's not funny.

akbright said...

I am of the belief that every individual has some spark, no matter how small, of good in them, and our "Correctional" /Prison system should do more to develop that. Ergo the term "correctional". Those who have done what we term "sick" and "demented" acts, obviously have some degree of mental deficits. Though I am not a Christian, nor a believer in any god, I do agree with the passage: "Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me."

Philip Munger said...

@ 5:11 am - "I'm sure you'll be removed from his blogroll for this and be put on the list of people that he'll have nothing to do with. Join the club."

--- He removed me from his blog roll last winter when I complained about the dozens of comments he was printing about me that claimed I have a very small penis.

Anonymous said...

I'm is a place for the trashiest of people, who I assume live unhappy lives, to vent and b**** about any and everyone who doesn't hand them things in life. A shill for the bad side of the democratic party.

Anonymous said...

Run a quick poll, Phil:

"Jesse Griffin, saint or slut"

Alaska Bloggers occupying the moral high ground.... much?

Anonymous said...

I never would have known any of this Phil, had you not done the dirty work and looked at the IM site. I gave it up loooong ago. AKjah.

Anonymous said...

Jesse tends to react emotionally to all things and this Cox trial sent him into emotional overload for some reason. His blog is a dumping ground for those that say things that they would not utter in polite company.

Jim Wright said...

FWIW, the term PMITA is a reference to the movie Office Space - something the urban diction doesn't make clear. It comes from the line, "We get caught laundering money, we're not going to white-collar resort prison. No, no, no. We're going to federal POUND ME IN THE ASS prison." Prison rape being one of the character's primary fears.

It's a common theme not just on the blog you reference, but under nearly every comment section of any article dealing with prison or the justice system. Practically speaking, I suppose wishing everlasting prison rape on somebody isn't much different than praying for them to go to the biblical hell and be brutally tortured in lakes of fire for the rest of all eternity - but it does seem a peculiar fetish for folks who routinely claim the moral high ground, doesn't it.

Jim Wright/Stonekettle Station

Anonymous said...

I admit that I read IM, however, I quit reading the comments quite some time ago.

I've noticed that The Mudflats has also been removed from the IM blog roll, did they have a falling out too? bt said...

Jesse Griffen is the lowest of scum,and to think he used to be an assistant kindergarten teacher until he was exposed (pedophile?}. His daughter is gay, hence his support for lesbians,And why is an OLD MAN becoming so enamored with Levi Johnstons' sister? I once told him that HE must have a SMALL penis,guess he stole that line. Such a SICK S.O.B.

Anonymous said...

I once had an across the street neighbor who did not like the way that my next door neighbor landscaped his yard.

The man with the unappealing yard (it was nice, just not perfect) was a piano teacher. The man across the street proceeded to tell me and anyone else who would listen that my next door neighbor was a pedophile. It turned out that he had absolutely nothing to base that charge on, and yet he was completely willing to ruin someone's life and livelihood, just because he didn't like his yard.

I hope that you are not doing the same, just because you don't like the fact that Mr. Griffin has a lesbian daughter? Do you have any proof?

I also do not agree with things that Mr. Griffin sometimes says, however, I would never make such a serious and sobering charge without solid proof. Do you have a liability policy? bt

Anonymous said...

"Serious and sobering charge?" What? Proof of what? Proof that Immoral Minority has some really shitty stupid comments?
Um, yeah, he does.

I believe that Alaska has some serious serious issues that no one addresses and never see the light of day. There's been some tiny little revelations that leak out from time to time; law enforcement's damage control is on it so fast!
I'm pretty certain that it's coming, though. Like APD and Roland Martin, when there's some whopping catastrophic failure that nobody can ignore, it'll turn out that there was an awareness all along, just nobody cared enough to do something.

Anybody who questions corrections systems is minimized as a criminal with a complaint. Well, considering our statistics - one in 10 is currently incarcerated or on probation. Counting only adults, one in 100 Americans is behind bars right now. The United States is 5% of the world population, but has a quarter of the world's prisoners.

Something like one in four of us has had a negative experience with police, been arrested, charged with a crime, involved with the criminal justice system, or has an immediate family member in jail.
So maybe that's empirically true, then. Maybe we are ALL criminals, concerned about our experience.

Look to your left and look to your right. Next time you're at a social gathering, look around the room, look at the people you're making small talk with. One in four of you has been in trouble.

Gotta remember something, folks. At any moment in time, we are just one decision away from going to jail.

I think maybe Immoral Minority is on a mission to be a provocative shock-jock; Alaska's Howard Stern. What I don't like is that he doesn't like real stories and doing his own research. His blog is reposting from other sources with commentary. He doesn't actually do his own compositions. Never has. I don't know why he's considered to be some kind of 'citizen journalist'. That's not journalism.

I find his commentary interesting, but get a little fatigued sometimes. I don't bother to read the comments - he intentionally allows snarky rude inflammatory stuff and discards intelligent thoughtful comments. It's predictable. I wish he wouldn't do that, but it's HIS personal blog. He can do whatever he likes. It's our choice not to visit his kingdom. It's just a blog.

This transparent business with promoting Bristol Palin's tv show is absolutely annoying. That's just over the top. For that reason alone, I no longer read the blog.

Anonymous said...

I won't argue with you about the quality of IM. I read it for the titillation factor, just like I read the tabloid covers at the supermarket. I like some of the non-Palin stuff that he finds. Reading the comments is a waste of time.

No, what I was referring to was the suggestion that Griffin somehow was separated from his job with small children because he was a pedophile. That is the serious charge that I spoke of. Unless there is proof of it, something like that really shouldn't be bandied about, in my opinion. bt

Philip Munger said... @ June 22nd,

Jesse was harassed from a job he had done well by people who did not care about the truth. At the time, I offered him as much support as he might need, as I'm sure he would agree upon.

Tying his obvious fixations on the Palin family's foibles to his former job performance is a canard you cannot support, can you?

Anonymous said...

You had been cheering for this guy for a LONG time. Then you reversed gears.

I learned a lesson the hard way from that guy and another person who may be like him. It was such a disappointment-- you'd think the good guys are good and the bad guys are bad. But that is not always true.

Lesson I learned-- sometimes the bad guys are good, and sometimes the good guys are bad. I haven't figured out how to deal with this reality other than to withdraw myself from civilization's larger issues and return to my own human basis of art.