Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Obama Still Wants to Sell Out Your Social Security and Medicare to Finance More Tax Breaks for the 1%

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Anonymous said...

When I entered the workforce 20 years ago my father made it clear that I invest and open IRAs and take advantage of any 401K investment opportunity that was offered me through my employer. I've done that as I am certain there will be no social security for me when I retire in 20 years. We must all invest and make our own futures. I'm 45 and there will be no social security or medicare for people my age. Build your portfolio, you can invest $3000 per year in an IRA and write it off on your federal taxes. Obama is not responsible for this, it's been 40 years in the making since America never has been able to support the baby-boomers with federal retirement benefits. My Dad's a boomer and he realistically counseled us to make wise financial investments for our future.