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Jesse Griffin Falls for CIA-Obama Psy-Op. Jeanne Devon Recovers

Last week a well-financed "documentary" was put out by Invisible Children, Inc.  ICI is one of the most inefficient "charities" in existence:
According to Invisible Children's official financial reports from last year over 68% of the money donated went towards film-making, merchandising, and salaries for organizers while the remaining 32% actually went to Uganda. They claim they support the direct action of the Ugandan Government, The Ugandan army, and Sudan People’s Liberation Army in the capture of Kony. Meanwhile the Ugandan army and the Sudan Peoples Liberation Army are guilty of many of the same crimes Kony himself is being charged with. However Invisible Children defends their support of them, claiming the Ugandan army is “better equipped than that of any of the other affected countries”, despite the fact that Kony left Uganda in 2006. So what exactly is Invisible Children Inc's motive here? It certainly isn't about saving the children.
Here's Obama's press secretary, participating in the psy-op:

The U.S. and other Western governments have propped one crazy central African dictator after another.  For generations.  If we wanted to "stabilize" instead of destabilize governments in these incredibly mineral-rich nations and areas, we might be able to.  But no matter what Obama or Jake Carney says, this isn't about enslaved and degraded children, it is about unfettered access to other peoples' riches:
To cut a very long and complex story short, people like Joseph Kony (who, by the way, is no longer a real threat to the people of Uganda) and so many other African tin-pot dictators are the product of long-term US (CIA), British, Israeli and French interference in African nations.

Joseph Kony leads the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA). In 2010, the LRA crossed into Darfur in Sudan and since then have been enjoying the protection of the Sudanese military, and Sudan's notorious president, Omar Hassan al-Bashir, who has been a longtime LRA patron. Al-Bashir is accused by the International Criminal Court of war crimes and genocide in Darfur. It should come as no surprise then that the CIA has long-standing and close ties with al-Bashir and Sudanese intelligence services.

So there you have it. The principal financier and protector of the Joseph Kony and the LRA is a genocidal dictator who is supported by the US government via the CIA. That's just one degree of separation between the CIA and the LRA. Yet the 'Kony 2012' people believe they can lobby the US government to do something about Kony and the LRA!

The aim of the US (and other) governments has always been to destabilize African nations in order place into power any individual that would be amenable to the theft by US corporations of the resources of African nations. This destabilization process, which includes the massive and repeated provision of weapons to the war lords and thugs, inevitably leads to the killing and maiming of thousands of civilians. And it continues to this day.

Elliot Ross of the Africa is a country blog sums up the problem with 'Kony 2012':
"To ask people to climb down from the soaring heights of "Kony 2012", a place where they get to feel both sanctified and superior, and truly descend into the mire of history and confusion is simply too big a task. It would be boring and difficult and it would not be about Facebook or Angelina Jolie or coloured wristbands or me. When the euphoria evaporates and the Twittersphere has dried its tears (probably by the end of this week), all that remains will be yet another powerful myth of African degradation."
In short, forget about 'Kony 2012'.
Why is Obama so interested in the area?
In 2006 large oil deposits have been discovered under and around Lake Albert in western Uganda. Drilling has been scheduled to start within the next several months. Many residents of Bugoma, Weragaza, and Buliisa are concerned about being evicted. The U.S government of course denies interest in the oil. Yeah we've heard that one before. Lets face it, the United States oil companies are looking for new prospects all the time. This is what the war on terror is really all about anyway. It is also important to note that China has also made recent advances into the region seeking oil as well. Don't let a propaganda film incite feelings to give money out to hollow organizations that exploit the suffering of children to further a corporate agenda. Look at the bigger picture and be informed about what goes on in the world, and don't throw your money to wolves disguised in sheep's clothing.
 Some in Alaska fell for the KONY 2012 propaganda film. The Mudflats had a post up on last week, called Mudflix: KONY2012 Share it.  But if you click on the link now, the post has been removed. The Google link quotes the initial Mudflats promo of the film:
This video is 30 minutes long. Right away, many people will think that they don’t have time. There are things to do, dinners to cook, dogs to walk, kids to tuck in, meetings to attend. That’s why I usually make Mudflix 10 minutes or less. But not this time.

This one is worth 30 minutes. It will make the invisible visible. It will show you the power of our newly connected world. It will make you want to act, and it will make it easy to do so.
Please watch it. Please share it.
 Now one gets an Error 404 - Not Found message at the original url of the article.  I assume Jeanne Devon's commenting community let her on to the "documentary's" real goal, and decided the post had been some sort of error.

Jesse Griffin has a post up that is one of the most lame he's ever penned.   It is written in a style that makes the rants and writings of Doug Feith in praise of George W. Bush seem pretty damned smart:
Now Kony apparently has been terrorizing these people with impunity for almost 25 years, largely ignored by the international community.

Recently these atrocities have been brought to the attention of the American people with the assistance of a viral video titled simply Kony 2012, put together by filmmaker Jason Russell and featuring interviews with his son Jacob reacting to information about the atrocities of Joseph Kony.

However even before this video Kony's crimes had come to the attention of our President.

In October of 2011, after hearing reports of these atrocities, President Obama, with the US military still engaged in two wars, decided to take action to help the people of central Africa.

"I have authorized a small number of combat-equipped U.S. forces to deploy to central Africa to provide assistance to regional forces that are working toward the removal of Joseph Kony from the battlefield," Obama said in letter sent Friday to House Speaker John Boehner and Daniel Inouye, the president pro tempore of the Senate. Kony is the head of the Lord's Resistance Army.

One hundred soldiers is relatively nothing considering the enormity of these horrific actions against the people of central Africa, but the President had to be cautious since he was dealing with a hostile Republican party, and his every action was under intense scrutiny.

However considering the reports coming out of the area, WHO could fault the President for wanting to lend support to these people?

Who indeed?
Well - me, for one, Jesse.   Maybe you should write about this, instead of fantasizing on Obama's mission for us in the mountains of Central Africa:
What does Invisible Children share in common with the Discovery Institute, the leading organization promoting “Intelligent Design”, a pseudo-scientific theory created to insinuate creationist ideas into public schools — or with The Call, whose leader Lou Engle claims homosexuals are possessed by demons, calls God an “avenger of blood” and a “terrorist”, and in May 2010 staged a rally in Kampala, Uganda, at which Engle warned of a gay menace to society and shared a stage with one of the authors of Uganda’s notorious Anti Homosexuality Bill?
990 IRS tax forms and yearly reports from Invisible Children, and 990s from its major donors, tell a story that’s jarringly at odds with the secular, airbrushed, feelgood image the nonprofit has cultivated.
Among the tens of millions of people who have watched Invisible Children’s KONY 2012 viral video, including Oprah Winfrey – a dedicated supporter of LGBT rights who also has given $2 million dollars to Invisible Children, how many were aware of IC’s extensive financial ties to far-right fundamentalism, including major funders of the mounting global war on gay rights? IC doesn’t go out of its way to advertise these things.
But Invisible Children’s first yearly report, from 2006, gives “special thanks” to the “Caster Family Foundation” and IC’s 2007 report is more specific, thanking Terry and Barbara Caster. In the lead up to the 2008 election, the California-based Caster family was identified as one of the biggest financial backers of the push for California’s anti-same sex marriage Proposition 8.
Capping the pro-Prop 8 push was a November 1, 2008 San Diego stadium rally held by The Call, whose leader Lou Engle warned that same sex marriage could unleash a “sexual insanity” that would be “more demonic than Islam” and suggested believers should carry out acts of martyrdom to stop gay marriage and legal abortion, which Engle predicts will lead to a second American civil war.
One of The Call’s major donors in 2008 also gave, that same year, over 400,000 dollars to Invisible Children. These links weren’t anomalies. They were part of a pattern.
What does Invisible Children share in common with James Dobson’s Focus on the Family, the Family Research Council (pegged by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a “hate group”), or the Fellowship Foundation — one of the nonprofit entities of the Washington-based evangelical organization also known as “The Family” (covered in two books by journalist Jeff Sharlet) whose leader Doug Coe has been captured on video celebrating the dedication inspired by Hitler, Lenin, and Mao?
What does IC have in common with the ministry of California evangelist Ed Silvoso, who works directly with leading Ugandan author and promoter of the Anti Homosexuality Bill (also called the “kill the gays bill”) Julius Oyet — who claims that “even animals are wiser than homosexuals”?
The answer? — all of these ministries – the Discovery Institute, Focus on the Family, the Family Research Council, The Fellowship Foundation, The Call, Ed Silvoso’s Harvest Evangelism, and Invisible Children – received at least $100,000 in 2008 from what has emerged in the last decade as the biggest funder of the hard, antigay, creationist Christian right: the National Christian Foundation:
2008 grants from National Christian Foundation, and subsidiaries
Focus on The Family: $4,268,000
Family Research Council: $2,387,000
The Fellowship Foundation (AKA “The Family” or the “International Foundation”): $515,000
Lou Engle’s The Call: $166,000
Ed Silvoso’s Harvest Evangelism: $817,000
The Discovery Institute: $702,000*
Invisible Children: $414,000*
*NCF’s 2008 990 lists $139,000 to IC; NCF subsidiary ProVision Foundation’s 2008 990 lists a $150,000 grant to IC; NCF subsidiary ProVision Trust’s 2008 990 lists a $125,000 grant to IC.
*Answers in Genesis, which directly promotes “Young Earth” creationism,received over $35,000 from the NCF in 2008.
Since it came into existence in 1982, cooked up by canny tax lawyers, the National Christian Foundation–covered in a story by journalist Michael Reynolds published in the December 2005 issue of Mother Jones (extended version of story available here)– has swollen into a financial behemoth that disperses over 1/2 a billion dollars a year to Christian charities. But not just any Christian charities.
The NCF, which counts billionaire, controversial Rick Santorum-backer Foster Friess among its donors, funds nonprofits that advance its agenda which, as stated on the NCF website, is to “enable followers of Christ to give wisely to advance His Kingdom”.


nswfm said...

OMG They found the guy!!


Anonymous said...

I assume Jeanne Devon's commenting community let her on to the "documentary's" real goal, and decided the post had been some sort of error.

Why do you "assume"? Ask her.

Philip Munger said...

anon @ 12:29 am - do you have a more logical reason for her to pull the post?

I find conversations with her awkward. The last time we were next to each other - at an Occupy Anchorage event - I wanted to talk, but she walked away.

Mel said...

Whatever the case may be about what other bloggers are doing -- I just want to say thanks for bringing wider attention to the antigay background of this whole Kony 2012 movement. I was suspicious at the outset about a movement directed at committing money & military support to Uganda, where the "Kill the Gays" bill is continually under discussion, where David Kato was murdered just last year.

Anonymous said...

Nice drawings especially from a music guy.

Below, you commented below about other bloggers. I figure these folks have figured out there is gold in them thar hills-- there is money to be made from Palin discussions. I think they love Palin and they are laughing all the way to the bank with their Palin critical blogs. If Palin went away, they would go away too. I hope both will happen.

I can't stand Palin, and I also can't stand these bloggers-- Palin should be criticized intellectually (that would be a slam dunk) but criticism of Palin should not be a cash profit tool. Some of these folks only care about money-- which makes them similar to Palin.

Anonymous said...

(I can't remember my Google ID so this is Linda Kellen Biegel.)

Really "Anonymous"? No one over at Mudflats is getting rich off of Palin and as a co-editor I think I can speak with authority on that topic.

Phil...I'm posting this publicly because I have experienced your tendency to post private emails on the blog. So, I decided I would...errr...control my own message. :-P

Considering every commentator over at MSNBC was running this Kony 2012 story for about a week, why exactly did you pick on the entire 1 1/2 hours that Mudflats had that video up? It was a legitimate story at the time just based on the fact that it received so many views (30 million) in such a short amount of time (3 days), before anyone knew anything else about the backstory (which is seriously in dispute, by the way).

Just to let you know, President Obama's involvement in all of this happened back in 2010 when he signed a bill, "Lord's Resistance Army Disarmament and Northern Recovery Act" which was supported by 267 members of Congress and primarily sponsored/championed by former Senator Russ Feingold, D-Wis.


I assume you are saying that Sen. Feingold sponsored this legislation with full knowledge of the connections?

For the future, perhaps your encounters with Jeanne would be less "awkward" if you would ease-up on the series of attacks you continue to post against her and the blog.

As much as I love you, Phil, it's become clear to me over the years that your anger against Jeanne has absolutely no logic to it. It appears that it may be more about some kind of envy and/or past unresolved issues unrelated to her than anything else.

Whatever issue this taps inside of you, it sure makes you act ugly and there's no need for that. You have incredible success in areas most of us can't possibly compete and your behavior makes it difficult for me to acknowledge that as often as I'd like.

So, while you may not agree with everything Mudflats or Immoral Minority posts all of the time (hell, even I don't), that's no reason to attack folks for posting them. Either you believe in a diversity of ideas or you don't.