Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Killing Palestinians Now a Sporting Event on Israeli TV

Israeli Sport Played with Palestinian Lives
This screen shot from yesterday was picked up first by Israeli blogger, Ami KauffmanMondoweiss has now covered it too.  Please realize that some of the 25 people on the current Gaza score card are women and children.

Here's the score since the years 2000, in case you are curious:
Israeli children:  125
Palestinian children:  1,471
Total Israeli civilians:  731
Total Palestinian civilians:  4,226
Israelis killed in targeted killings:  1
Palestinians killed in targeted killings:  425 +
Israeli actual targets of targeted killings: 1
Palestinian actual targets of Israeli targeted killings:  251
The  picture from the Israeli television program brought this episode from early 2009 to many peoples' minds:

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