Friday, March 2, 2012

A Couple of Special Treats at the Anchorage PAC

A friend let me know late yesterday that the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts has put up a banner promoting the upcoming Anchorage Youth Symphony premiere of my newest orchestral work, The Wild Coast.  I had to drop by and see it, on my way in from Wasilla to perform Friday evening at the UAA Music School's annual scholarship benefit concert.  Although more of my music has been performed at the PAC than that of any other living composer, this is the first time I've made one of their posters.

Just as I walked up to the Town Square Park, I saw my friend, community activist and blogger, Mel Green, with her camera.  She was taking pictures of the ice sculptures that are placed all around the park area.  I got a picture of her in front of one of the sculpture sets, with the concert poster in the background:

Another view of the poster, with more sculptures:

My favorite ice sculpture:

A tribute to Walt Disney characters:

Signs from Occupy Anchorage in the snow off of 6th Avenue.  The tent has been gone now for about three weeks.  Not sure why.

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Anonymous said...

Phil, I was told that the tent was vandalized, sliced with a knife, and that the street cleaners carried it away. The individual I was talking to was able to retrieve it and told me that he was going to repair it and put it back up in the spring when someone would be able to stay with it 24/7. In other words, it wasn't "officially" removed, just temporarily taken down for repairs.