Sunday, March 25, 2012

Judy Busted Smuggling to the YK Villages

She's been doing this now for three years: Bringing Girl Scout Cookies to young teachers and their students in Villages on the YK delta. I finally caught it on film.


Anonymous said...

I successfully resisted every onslaught of Girl Scout Cookies that were put in front of me. Nice for Judy to take some out to people that probably don't get things like this in their lives. It's weird to think that there a kids just a few hundred miles away off the road system that don't have Girl Scouts or anything resembling what we even have here in Wasilla/Palmer.

George said...

what? Judy has taken over Sister Sarahs mission of bringing sweets to the First Nation. whodathunkit?

Philip Munger said...


At least she left her Bible at home, eh?

Anonymous said...

Busted! Ok mame whats in the cookies.
We ended with a couple boxes that had to be given away as we don't eat sugar stuff.