Thursday, March 8, 2012

Comparison of Alaska Super Tuesdays of 2008 and 2012

In 2008, both Alaska Democrats and Republicans held their presidential race caucus-type events on the same day - February 5th.  This year, the Alaska GOP caucused on Tuesday, March 6th.  The Democrats will caucus in April:

Alaska Presidential District Caucuses will be held April 10-14:

Democrats throughout the state will caucus the second week in April to cast their votes for the Democratic nominee for President of the United States. The Democratic Presidential District Caucuses are the first step in the journey to the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Charlotte. Besides electing delegates to the State Convention in May, the Presidential District Caucuses offer the opportunity to propose resolutions, party plan changes, and party platform changes (Note: we are asking that the text of changes for resolutions, the party platform, and party plan be submitted in a word document in electronic format).

"The 2012 Democratic Presidential District Caucuses aren't about political ritual or simply re-nominating the President, it's about Americans coming together to commit ourselves and our country to a path that creates more opportunity," said Patti Higgins, chair of the Alaska Democratic Party. "Success depends on involvement at the grassroots and we invite everyone to take part."

2012 Democratic Presidential District Caucuses Locations Include:

Anchorage (17-32) April 14, 10am UAA Student Union (3211 Providence Dr)
Bethel (38) April 13, 5pm Catholic Social Hall (790 River St)
Dillingham (37) April 14, Noon Dillingham Council Chambers (141 Main St)
Eagle (6) April 13, 7:30pm Eagle Community School (3rd and Jefferson)
Fairbanks (7-11) April 14, 10am JP Jones Center (2400 Rickert St)
Glenallen (12) April 12, 7pm Mendeltna Creek Lodge (153 Glenn Hwy)
Haines (5) April 14, 10am Haines Senior Center (33 Mission St)
Homer (35) April 14, 10am Kachemak Bay Campus (533 E Pioneer Ave)
Juneau (3-4) April 14, 9am Aldersgate Church (9161 Cinema Dr)
Kenai (33-34) April 14, 9:30am Kenai Challenger Center (9711 Kenai Spur Hwy)
Ketchikan (1) April 10, 7pm IBEW Hall (317 Stedman St)
Kodiak (36) April 12, 7pm Fisherman's Hall (403 Marine Way)
Kotzebue (40) April 10, 6:30pm NW Arctic Borough Assembly (163 Lagoon St)
Nome (39) April 13, 4pm Polar Cafe (204 Front St)
Sitka (2) April 14, 2pm Harrigan Centennial Hall (330 Harbor Dr)
Sutton (12) April 12, 7pm 12159 N Wright Way (Residence)
Talkeetna (15) April 14, 9am Twister Creek Restaurant (13605 E Main St)
Unalakleet (39) April 13, 4pm Paneok/Gonangon Hall
Unalaska (37) April 14, Noon Unalaska City Library
Valdez (12) April 12, 7pm Ernesto's Restaurant (328 Egan Ave)
Wasilla (13-16) April 14, 9am Mat-Su Cinema (2430 E Parks Hwy)

The 2008 Democratic caucuses in Alaska saw HUGE turnouts almost everywhere.  I don't expect 2012's will be so well attended, as there is no tight race between the top two candidates for an open seat.  Organizing for America, the pro-Obama network is generally reporting a lack of enthusiasm for Obama among progressive Democrats and the young, which should surprise nobody.

I'll be going to our local Wasilla caucus, but not to show support for Obama.  I'm planning on supporting Dr. Jill Stein in 2012, as I find it immoral to support a person who should be tried in The Hague for his war crimes.

The 2012 Alaska GOP caucuses show the following numbers:
With 100 percent of the vote in, Romney had 4,285 votes, or 32 percent; Santorum had 3,860 votes, or 29 percent. Ron Paul, the only candidate to personally visit Alaska ahead of the vote, finished third, with 3,175 votes, or 24 percent. Newt Gingrich placed fourth, with 1,865 votes, or 14 percent. Thirty-four voters were uncommitted.
In all, 13,219 votes were cast, hundreds fewer than in the inaugural poll four years ago. According to the state Division of Elections, there are about 131,600 registered Republicans in Alaska.

In 2008, Romney easily won the state. Paul finished third. Eventual party nominee John McCain finished fourth.

Read more here:
Here are the 2008 numbers, across party lines:
Statewide, either party, in descending order of number of votes:

Barack Obama --- 6,471
Mitt Romney --- 5,988
Mike Huckaby --- 2,996
Hillary Clinton --- 2,138
Ron Paul --- 2,132
John McCain --- 1,837
So Romney had 5,988 votes in 2008, only 4,285 this year.  And Ron Paul gained over 2,000 votes, up from 2,004 to 3,175.

And in 2008, 13,703 votes were tallied; this year 13,219.  I suppose that isn't a significant dip - a drop of 5.5% in participation.

In 2008, 8,880 attended the Alaska Democratic Party's caucuses.  I predict the AK Dems will be lucky to get 6,000 out to the April caucuses.

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Erick Cordero attending again? Oh, I forgot. He has joined the R Team so he can become rich or so he said in the open letter in the Frontiersman last year.