Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I Finally Got My Music Back on My Own Internet Site

Playing Alpenhorn on Wasilla Lake
From about 2006 to 2010, I had a niche at Garage Band's musical upload site.  When MySpace bought Garage Band, I chose not to migrate all the files there, so my niche died.

I've had many requests to get more of my music up on the web than that represented at my YouTube channel.

Here we are.

I'm setting this site up as a blogspot blog.  The architecture will allow me to post a few works of mine per week there, write about it, then classify the newly added piece into a niche on the right-hand side column.  I've put one composition up there already - the May, 2010 Anchorage performance by the Anchorage Civic Orchestra of Hindu Kush.  I'll be adding The Skies Are Weeping soon, as it is an important work.  The ninth anniversary of Rachel Corrie's death is this Friday, so I hope to have it posted by then.