Sunday, March 18, 2012

Alex Wins Nordic Skiing Event in Oregon

Our son Alex came in fifth overall, and first in his age group in the Desert Orthopedics Great Nordeen 17K Nordic ski race at Mt. Bachelor, near Bend:

The Desert Orthopedic Great Nordeen held Saturday March 17 is a celebration of Central Oregon ski history! Just once a year a trail is groomed through 30km of lava flows, hemlock, fir, and pine forest stands in remembrance of Emil Nordeen, the decorated Central Oregon ski pioneer. The manageable terrain and distance makes this point-to-point freestyle race a great event for first time racers and recreational skiers. Beginning at Mt. Bachelor, skiers will tour on the generally downhill course from the West Village lodge to the Wanoga Snow Park.

 It was the first race he's entered since leaving Alaska to go to school in California in 2008.  His sister Julia sent us this picture.  She drove down from Seattle to Bend to root for him.

Julia is no slouch as an athlete either:

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Aussie Blue Sky said...

Well done, Alex. Nordic skiers have to be incredibly fit, but I'd worry about a championship called "orthopedic" - I well remember all those Saturday evenings in the emergency room... ;)