Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Why the Teabaggers Fear "ObamaCare"

hat tip - Down with Tyranny!


Wolfe Tone said...

"Lobotomies for Tea Baggers?"

Wouldn't that be kinda redundant?

Tracy said...

Wolfe beat me to it!

Durruti said...

So the 52% of the American people who think the Tea Party Movement is better than Congress deserve lobotomies eh? This is how Socialism works...demonize the opposition, destroy dissent. This is how the Left and the media elites really see the American people (but don't question their patriotism).

Philip Munger said...

I don't think the cartoon or the comments infer anyone "deserves" a lobotomy. Why you picked that up is a mystery.

Durruti said...

"Why you picked that up is a mystery."

They say sarcasm is the lowest form of wit for a reason. Like most extreme Leftists your contempt for ordinary citizens comes through loud and clear.

diana said...

Durruti where do you find your stats....fauck noose......?????

Durruti said...

"Rasmussen Reports has released the results of a new poll indicating that the Tea Party movement is resonating with U.S. voters. This is despite attempts on the part of the mainstream media to label the Tea Party as a fringe group. The new poll specifically asked voters to express their opinions about the Tea Party compared to Congress.

- 52% reported that the average Tea Partier has a better understanding of the issues facing America than the average member of Congress
- 30% believe that members of Congress have a better understanding of the issues"

And from Gallup poll....
"One week after the passage of historic new healthcare legislation, Americans remain worried about the bill’s effect on costs — both for the nation as a whole and for them personally. A majority of Americans say healthcare costs in the U.S. and the federal budget deficit will get worse as a result of the bill. Half of Americans believe that healthcare costs for themselves and their families will get worse."

So, despite the Dems and their lap dogs in the MSM trying to change the subject to the unfounded, hysterical claims of Tea Party-inspired violence, more and more Americans are waking up to the crap sandwich that is Obamacare.

And where the wealthy , liberal media elites lead, so tag-along leftist blogs will meekly and unquestioningly follow.witness this site's desperate attempts to smear Palin and the Tea Party.

Polarbear said...

Polls do not capture historical trends. In the Tea Party we are witnessing the last gasps, the last flare of American white racist culture. The Tea Party will not be politically effective on a national scale because the group marginalizes itself. At present, the only real damage the Tea Party is doing is to the Republican Party. The baby boomer generation, the generation who grew up with the Civil Rights movement and watched our country change, understands exactly what part of our citizenry is at the core of the Tea Party. With the next generation, they will be gone to the odd dustbins of our history.

Durruti said...

"Polls do not capture historical trends. In the Tea Party we are witnessing the last gasps, the last flare of American white racist culture."

So 52% of the American population are white racists ! This is how the extreme Left view their fellow citizens. Dare to criticize Obama's agenda and you must be a racist. The true racists, of course, are the left-wing extremists who can only see human-beings in terms of their race. The Tea Party consists of ordinary Americans who are sick and tired of the growth of big government. The only person injured at Tea Party rallies was a conservative African-American beaten up by SEIU thugs.

That the lunatics on the Left can confuse a desire for smaller government with "racism" is evidence of the bankruptcy of their policies. When they lose any argument the Left always use "racism" as a chant to shut down debate.

"At present, the only real damage the Tea Party is doing is to the Republican Party."

Wishful thinking. If this was true why are the Left and their lick-spittles in the MSM spending so much time trying to smear the Tea Party movement with fake charges of "racism' and "violence". If the Tea Party was really doing damage to the Repubs then the Dems and the MSM would be promoting the hell out of the Tea Partiers rather than trying to destroy them.

In the real world, of course, the Tea Party and it's ideas were responsible for getting Scott Brown elected in Massachusetts. Strange how quickly the Left has forgotten that. They'll be getting plenty of reminders in November.

"With the next generation, they will be gone to the odd dustbins of our history."

Yes, you're right. The emotional cripples of the America-hating baby-boomer Left are fast vanishing into the trashcan of history along with the Marxism they wished on us. The Obama regime is the high water mark of the "God Damn Amerikkka" generation. With North Korea & Cuba on the brink and Venezula rapidly turning into another tinpot dictatorship, all the aging boomers have left to cling to are Reid, Pelosi and Obama. Make the most of them, comrades, they'll soon be following the Soviet Union into irrelevance.

Durruti said...

After reading Polarbear's vile and completely unfounded attempt to smear the Tea Party folk as "racists" and as being on the verge of extinction (presumably because Polarbear imagines all Tea Party people are in their 80s), I found these photos of today's Tea Party rally in Denver. I invite readers to find evidence of "racism " amongst these photos. As for age, most of the Tea Partiers in the photos seem considerably younger than the good people featured in photos of Alaska progressives featured on this blog.


Polarbear said...

Durruti, you are hoisted by your own petard. Like the Tea Party, you work too hard to divide us citizens by extreme language and fearfulness. The Tea Party fails to understand the historical trends on display in front of us. Our neighborhoods and our neighbors are no longer all-white. We citizens are of all kinds of ethnic descent. Your organization, your purposes, and your arguments are very clearly understood by non-whites as racist. Our four generations of extended family in Alaska, especially the educated young adults now in their late 20s and early 30s, all of us understand the Tea Party is the last gasp of white racism in our country.