Sunday, March 7, 2010

New PA Poll - Should Fast Sully Return the Dough?

Thanks to a highly suspect presentation by Anchorage Municipal Attorney, Dennis Wheeler, at an Anchorage Assembly meeting back in February, current Anchorage Mayor, Dan Sullivan walked off with about $174,000.00 of Anchorage taxpayers' hard-earned money. For himself.

If you aren't familiar with the issue, here is the masterpiece, written by Anchorage blogger, Mel Green. Her post links to all the other material that was available at the time.

A compelling article, based on a letter an Anchorage taxpayer has written to Mayor Sullivan, was posted this afternoon at The Mudflats.

Here's the poll:

Should Mayor Sullivan return the $174,000 he just took from Anchorage taxpayers? - yes or no.


Anonymous said...

No. Those bimbos are expensive.

Anonymous said...

I have just read Mel's post for the third time.

Once again Mel shows us why she's Alaska's Best Blogger...hands down, not even close although Cliff Groh does a yeoman's job too.

Next year the Muckracker award deserves to go to Mel.

Anonymous said...

Sullied should also return the moolah he took as "pre-mayor". What a slimy crook -- right out of the $arah Palin school of public service.

Mel said...

Anchorage Press also has a reader's poll on its home page -- here's how its phrased:

Should the city have paid out $193,000 to the George Sullivan Life Insurance Trust, or does it
merit further investigation?

Yes, it was a contractual obligation

No, the Municipality is not a life insurance company

Investigate (or litigate): I think this payout was illegal

Only 13 votes so far: 2 nos & 11 (including mind) for "investigate".

Mel said...

Thanks, Anonymous @ 6:04 AM -- that makes me feel pretty good.