Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Alaska University Educators Critical of Whirlwind Tour for UA President Finalists

If it weren't for Alaska bloggers, many would be unaware that the three finalists for the upcoming vacancy at the top of the University of Alaska system made the rounds of UAF yesterday, will appear briefly at UAA today, and at UAS Wednesday.

Three highly acclaimed career educators in the University of Alaska system have posted essays on the web that raise questions about the handling of the public process in the announcement of finalists phase of selection of a replacement for outgoing UA president, Gen. Mark Hamilton.

On Sunday, Chukchi College professors Susan B. Andrew and John Creed posted an article here, UA Statewide Withholds Finalists' List for UA President Even After the Names are Published in the Press!

On Monday, UAA professor emeritus Steve Aufrecht, published two essays on both the selection process, and on aspects of the backgrounds of the three finalists.

The Anchorage Daily News doesn't appear to be covering the finalists' appearances today at UAA. The daily campus newsletter, Green and Gold Daily, does, though:

The finalists will begin a tour of the UA system's three largest campuses Monday morning, providing the candidates with numerous opportunities to meet students, faculty, staff, community members, business owners, alumni, local officials and elected local and state leaders.

The board encourages members of the public to attend the evening public presentations in each community as well, though public members are welcome at campus sessions if evening presentations are not convenient.

Feedback forms will be available at all venues for university stakeholders and the public to provide opinions on the three finalists.

The finalists will visit the University of Alaska Fairbanks on Monday, March 1; the University of Alaska Anchorage on Tuesday, March 2; and the University of Alaska Southeast on Wednesday, March 3. See the above Web site for detailed itineraries of each campus visit.

But if you want to know when or where to see these three, there isn't much public information available. Aufrecht, through emails he receives as a retired professor, was able to determine today's "speed dating" schedule (click to enlarge):

Why is this process being so poorly handled by Hamilton's office, members of the selection process and the board of regents? I'm not sure, but this is at least one more strong sign that there is no turning back from the secretiveness, evasiveness and disregard for public process this state's government began ratcheting up so markedly during the Palin administration.

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Steve said...

Actually, Phil, the schedules came from the University website.