Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rachel Corrie Trial - Day 1

American citizen Rachel Corrie was killed by an Israeli bulldozer operated by one or two people, in mid-March 2003. The people running the bulldozer operation knew she was there. They talked back and forth, directly and over the radio net, throughout the morning, about how to deal with it.

Here's Rachel Corrie's dad's testimony today in Israel, during the civil suit that may establish more clarity about some of the circumstances that led to Craig Corrie's daughter's death:

[Craig Corrie] added that evidence including a videotape he and his wife obtained, via the US State Department, from the military probe that showed, after an afternoon of operating in Rafah, the operator of the bulldozer and an armored personnel carrier maneuvered to the Egyptian border and radioed for new orders.

The new instructions came in: “Something to the effect of ‘the internationals are not supposed to be there and you are not suppose to let them stop your work.'
And about ten minutes later Rachel was killed.” [emphasis added]

Ma'an News' full article is here.

The Jewish Telegraph Agency is on the story.

As is the Israeli press, which has been on overload all week.



Anonymous said...

From the Guardian, London:

"A Palestinian doctor from Gaza, Ahmed Abu Nakira, who treated Corrie after she was injured and later confirmed her death, has not been given permission by the Israeli authorities to leave Gaza to attend."

I believe that the Israeli authorities do not wish Abu Nakira to give testimony because his account of the injuries which caused Rachel's death will be more in line with the eye witness accounts that Rachel was run over by the bulldozer than those given by the military who said that she was struck by flying pieces of concrete.

Anonymous said...

Her family sued Caterpillar? Oh geez.

You know what, don't stand in front of a Caterpillar if you don't want to get run over.

I wish Caterpillar would sue the Corries.

Anonymous said...

Oh, come on!


" I wish Caterpillar would sue the Corries."

is not very funny.

Anonymous said...

Why did the Corries sue Caterpillar? What the hell did they do wrong?