Monday, March 8, 2010

Saradise Lost - Book 4 - Chapter 59 - What Does The Bible Say About Liars, Sarah...?

For about 14 years, I've had a hunch she believed she had a closer relationship to God than any of the rest of us. Last week, Palin almost removed all remaining doubt:

Sarah Palin continues to try to explain away why she had to write her answers to the questions at last month’s Tea Party gathering in Nashville.

Palin’s latest attempt occurred at a right to life fundraiser in Ohio last night. She said, “If what was good enough for God, scribbling on the palm of his hand, it’s good enough for me, for us.” Palin has now been reduced to invoking God to explain away her ineptitude.

Had Palin been Abraham, she would have put down the knife (or not), and paraded Isaac in front of the next available publicist, blaming the tribal scribes and gossips for the whole ordeal.

Had Palin been Moses, the Israelites would have gotten 2/3 of the way across the Red Sea - and passed the ball.

Had Palin been Moses, there might be - at most - 7 commandments.

Had Palin been Joshua, she would have put down the trumpet just before the walls actually began to tumble. Had she played the flute, the walls would have only grown stronger, unless they rocked to the ground from laughter.

Had Palin been David, we would have 30 or so Psalms, instead of 150. At least in the first volume. Palin-David would hold for a better deal on the remaining 120.

Had Palin been Lot's wife, we'd be spared a helluva a lot of salty trouble over the past 33 months. In spite of the fact she probably has multiple attorneys looking back for her, she keeps looking back.

I could go on, comparing her to prophets and biblical figures, perhaps her worshipers favorite, Esther. Instead, it might be more profitable to look at her for what she really is - the 21st Century's most prominently pathetic political caricature and serial liar.

Andrew Sullivan's list of lies (time for an update, Andrew).

Jeanne Devon's prescient essay on the most recent lie:

Is it possible that young Chuck Heath, Jr. had not one, but TWO “little kid accident things” that involved burns of the ankle and foot? Or, perhaps the story was simply tweaked to tell people what they want to hear, while utilzing the perennial “I’m one of you” meme – a great way to “connect to the audience” while skirting those pesky things known as “facts.”

Monday's MSNBC Countdown segment on this most recent lie:

OK, Sarah. I'm not a Christian, but you purport to be one. Here's today's lesson:

Ezekial 14:9: And if the prophet is deceived and speaks a word, I, the Lord, have deceived that prophet, and I will stretch out my hand against him and will destroy him from the midst of my people Israel.

I Kings 22:23: Now therefore behold, the Lord has put a lying spirit in the mouth of all these your prophets; the Lord has declared disaster for you.

Matthew 4:7: Jesus said to him, “Again it is written, ‘You shall not put the Lord your God to the test.’”

Time and again, Palin and her acolytes, in their vainglorious attempts to dumb down and tear the revolutionary, compassionate heart out of Christianity, put the "Lord God" of their faith to the test in ways that, if the book they claim to believe has any stock, holds the promise of immense payback for such selfish fools in the future.


Anonymous said...

Thanks-great post.

naughtymonkey said...

Amen. Thanks for your post.

sunnyjane said...

I'm not a Biblical scholar and I'm too lazy at the moment to do some research. But I believe that there is mention in the Bible to the effect that, "You will be known to me by your works."

If that's the case, Sarah ain't got a PRAYER.

Maria said...

She's unbelievable! And I mean that literally...

honestyinGov said...

Like sunnyjane mentioned before as well, I am not a Biblical scholar either, BUT I'll bet we could find some VERY interesting quotes or parables that make mention to ' locusts ' in the Bible.
And what are the odds that they might be applicable or apply to the story from early in the week about Sarah and her posse " descending like locusts " on that Hollywood Swag site.
Maybe I'll do some research tomorrow. I'm curious now.

Anonymous said...

$P is like "Lying Lenny" on SNL. She's become a caricature of herself that keeps on growing just like Pinocchio's nose.

As for the lying and cheating and graft...she'll be winking and lying to St. Peter at the gates of heaven. But he won't be fooled and neither will God. The River Styx awaits our little grifter. Burn, baby, burn.

Anonymous said...

Greenpeace makes a spectacle in the rotunda in honor of Lisa Murkowski and not a single Alaskan blogger - PA, IM, CD, J. Chilton or the Girl from Homer who needs a makeover has covered this story.

Not a single one, nada, nil, zero, zilcho.

But y'all (well, most of you) still have your collective noses up Palin's skirt.

Why is that ?

How long is this sick, morbid obsession going to last ?

Just wonderin'.

Kat said...


Our obsession will last until Mrs. Palin is driven into the wilderness & forced to live with the wolves she's so determined to wipe off the face of the world. The truth WILL out.

You need help bucko.

Thanks Phil for another great post.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, I believe Shannyn discussed the Lisa story yesterday on her radio show. You might want to take a listen sometime. KUDO 1080 at 11:00 a.m.


Anonymous said...

If your not obsessed with $P you need help? Wow, get a life. Plenty of liars out there in the political world, don't even have to leave Anchorage.

Anonymous said...

Love the post, Phil.

Barb said...

This is not the first time she has equated herself with God.

In a letter she e-mailed to relatives and close friends Friday after giving birth, Palin wrote, "Many people will express sympathy, but you don't want or need that, because Trig will be a joy. You will have to trust me on this." She wrote it in the voice of and signed it as "Trig's Creator, Your Heavenly Father."

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin is an inept, out of touch, extremist, bible thumping, moronic breedcow. And that's her good points. What Republican can't remember 'lower taxes'??? Isn't that tattoed on their butts when they're born? The woman is, in a word, stupid.

Anonymous said...


One little error in your is obvious that $P did not give birth to Tri-G. I believe that Bristol is his birth mother. The photos at Bree and Palingates do not lie.

KaJo said...

Amend that last sentence to "The photos at Audrey's Palin's Deceptions blog and the Palingates blog don't lie.

RIP Bree's blog. We miss it already.

(ha, ha, my WV is "feakini")

tomandlou said...

It all comes home to roost just give it time! The Pastor of a Church I used to attend is under investigation for irregularities of Church funds and the Church is in forclosure.Much like S.P. He was revered by his base,could do no wrong,etc.etc.My youngest Son hit the nail on the Head compared him to a talk show host or used car salesman (no disrespect to those professions) The point is he was slick.He was one of the many reasons I was was on the verge of leaving the movement.(I did eventually) "You sow what reap" So Sarah keep on sowing and it wont be long before you reap your reward!And something tells me you wont be happy with the reward you get.

Barb said...

There's no doubt that Sarah did not give birth to Trig. I was simply quoting the article from ADN, which is too bought and paid for by the Governors office to reveal that they discovered long ago she did not give birth.

Fortunately editor Pat Dougherty has been nice enough to leave us some tips here and there, that they really do know the truth. Who knows if they will ever be independent enough to report it though. Times are tough for that paper and the state in one way or another, is providing 3/4 of their operating budget. Palin let him know this in no uncertain terms repeatedly in their email exchange over this issue

Anonymous said...

I was not aware that the state supports the ADN financially. Yikes. That explains a lot.

Anonymous said...

Superb post, Phil!

Her evangelical base surely must have doubts about her by now. After all, comparing herself to God in such a flippant manner, just to cover her own asinine gaffes, doesn't seem very respectful or reverential...and if there's one thing I know about evangelicals, they don't have much of a sense of humor when it comes to joking about God.

Not to put too fine a point on it...Palin is a snake-oil salesman named "Elmira Gantry." Her religious fans will feel doubly betrayed when they finally tumble to the truth of her character.

Anonymous said...

Evangelicals follow blindly. They are not used to thinking for themselves or examining the facts. All they care about is if someone spews the talking points and professes to be acting as an agent of God. Driven by fear and emotion. So they are continuously duped by snake oil salesmen such as Palin who professes to be "just like them". Fundies are blinded by "charm" to the point of denying and explaining away the false prophet's misdeeds and lack of character. So the evangelical base probably won't erode. But it doesn't matter...this group is very small and won't get her elected to anything. They'll just send the Grifter their hard earned money so she can buy more Naughty Monkeys and Excalades and live in the luxury she covets. $P is the worst kind of "X"-tian and sociopathic to the core.

tomandlou said...

Oops I must have been half asleep "You reap what you sow"Can I have a walk on that one