Sunday, March 7, 2010

Saradise Found - Chapter 29 - "The Palin Channel"


Kathleen said...

How can anyone who is such a narcissist know anything about reality?

AK Sandhills said...

Please say it ain't so. Palin cannot do a reality series about Alaska since she perpetuates her own mythology about Alaska, certainly not the reality.
The idea that she is somehow representative of our state probably angers me more than anything else she has done. I just get so sick of the huntin'/fishin'/snowmachinin' routine as if that is all anyone does up here. There is so much more that is Alaska - the mountain climbing, sea kayaking, skiing, river rafting, endurance & mountain races - so much more that does not involve a motor or a gun. And yet, that is what Palin advertises for the world and it really shortchanges the state's image. BTW, this is coming from someone who has 2 bird dogs, salmon in the freezer & my first (& probably only) Dall sheep on the wall so I'm not anti anything. I am just irritated at the one dimensional nonsense image of Alaska Palin has painted. My friends & I are climbing Mt. Fairweather in May - at that time numerous climbers around the state will either be pursuing or getting ready for their own climbing trips. Just one of the many wonderful & exciting opportunities for people who live in or visit our great state. So everyone - if there is a so-called AK reality show starring Palin, remember that it is her reality, not ours.

Anonymous said...

Margaret was right: "The Pee Channel."

Really, I can't see this poseur get out of her comfort zone--Wasilla.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she will show BOG & F& W aerial hunting of they still cut off a paw? Or how about the gassing of wolf cubs in the den?
Maybe they can show her Dad holdin' some nice warm moose eyeballs?
If Mark Burnett is involved it won't be good, like anything she does is good anyway!
Now maybe that professor who got fired for not towing the line? He would be good for a Alaskan show.
I think she is jealous of just hit me, yeah, Shannyn has her own Alaskan show and $arah doesn't!

AK Sandhills said...

Anon @ 4:25 - this is exactly what I dread if this "Palin reality show" comes to pass. It will be a glimpse into the warped Palin world posing as a so-called Alaska show.
I literally cringe every time she opens her mouth and says "up in Alas-ka we...".
All I can say is that Palin does not represent our Alaska.

snowbilly said...

A Sarah Palin reality series? We've got that already.