Sunday, March 28, 2010

Paul Jenkins, Bambi Tyree and Bill Allen - What a Sandwich!

Let's do a google search. I'll type in Paul Jenkins Bambi Tyree Bill Allen $192,000.

It appears that no articles come up. Just a bunch of gobbledeegook. No surprise there.

Paul Jenkins probably collected about $192,000 from Bill Allen in "well-earned" pay for writing gobbledegook and talking gobbledegook on right-wing AM talk radio while Bill Allen was banging Bambi and her friends, often using very illegal drugs, almost right in front of Paul Jenkins' face. For a long time.

Next time you get a chance, ask Paul how good he feels about that. I'd prefer he be asked targeted questions about Bill Allen and Bambi under oath, but that just isn't going to happen.

The only bigger joke on Alaska journalism over the years than Paul himself, is the plainly disgusting fact that organizations like the Anchorage Daily News, Alaska Public Radio Network and right-wing talk radio continue to even give him space to express his patently dishonest rants. If our mainstream media spent as much time checking into the seamy undersides of our political icons as they do sucking up to useless mouthpieces like Paul, we might be getting somewhere in the battle to get the truth told.

That isn't going to happen either, though, is it?

Paul's most recent mission is to try to deflect criticism away from the man quickly becoming the ultimate poster boy for dishonesty in government in Alaska. Dapper Dan Sullivan. Jenkins' op-ed in the Sunday edition of the Anchorage Daily News, which criticizes progressive bloggers for paying a lot of attention to Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan's snowballing ethical and moral problems, is even more meretricious than 90% of his boilerplate "ca-whore-poreate"-speak crap. Among his many scattershot blasts is this one:

Beginning late last year, liberal bloggers and wannabe journalists started trying to peddle a tale about Sullivan to the mainstream media that was so smarmy I'm not going to dignify it here. The legitimate media, to their credit, ignored the story.

His attackers decided to take another whack at Sullivan with a story about his being trustee for his late father's trust and not disclosing that to the city. It had short news legs. Sullivan got zip from the trust. Who cares? It was time, the left decided, to drop the smarm bomb.

Wait a minute? If he's talking last year, I missed it. If he's talking about this blog covering the questionable party planner hire, I haven't covered it. And of the 58 progressive Alaskan blogs listed on this page, only two or three have touched this potential sex for pay scandal.

Jenkins' op-ed offers no quotes. Jenkins contradicts statements he made recently on KSKA/KASKM's weekly media roundup, where he honestly condemned Sullivan's acceptance of the trust money the way it went down.

I am impressed that of the 43 comments to Jenkins' screed, there are almost no backers to his stand on the issue. Some of the responses are hilarious. If only Paul had an inkling of such depth of humor. Even if he went to comedy op-ed school, he wouldn't be able to eke out 10% of the irony contained in some of these comments:

Jenkin's you are living proof as to why the Anchorage Times folded...

Mr. Jenkins, are you sure you are doing Sullivan a favor? Now, thousands of people who had no idea about "the Mayor and the Party Planner" rumor have been given a heads up. I would guess that I'm not the only one who googled the "lefty blogosphere". Apparently this rumor has already gotten on national blogs....

When I read Mr. Jenkin's article I felt like he was saying: " Pay no attention to the sole-source contractor hottie behind the curtain. The Great and Powerful Oz has spoken! Now go!....

Paul Jenkins has a very short memory. On the KAKM show "Anchorage Edition", he agreed that the the $193,000 payout was improper. I was surprised by his announcement, but agreed with him. I guess he's since been spoken to....

This is the second COMPLETELY over the top reaction to this story about Sullivan and the "party planner". First Dan Coffey did everything but spit when the issue was raised at the last Assembly meeting and now Jenkins is desperately trying to smear anybody who dares question the mayor's true fiscal bona fides. With apologies to The Bard "Thou doth protest too much, methinks"....

Oh...and Sullivan pulled a Palin and filed an ethics complaint against himself-which backfired because the ethics board found that Sullivan should have disclosed that HE WAS THE TRUSTEE!!! Dan Sullivan has spent $67,000 investigating Senator Mark Begich. Plus, his minions, like Bill Starr, hate Begich so much he tried to lower Anchorage's BOND RATING!!! Anything smell rotten yet???

Jenkins is playing the shill once again...just like he did for Bill Allen all those years...fits like an old leather shoe, huh Paul?....

Here's AKM on that particular Paul problem:

So, thanks Paul Jenkins for bringing this all up. You’ve undoubtedly made people Google all kinds of things like “Mayor Dan Sullivan ethics scandal,” and “Mayor Dan Sullivan takes the money and runs” and “Mayor Dan Sullivan found guilty by ethics board” and “Who’s that party planner anyway?” and thus have inadvertently spread this information to wider circles. And I’m all for people asking questions about their government. People not paying attention is the worst enemy of democracy.

If the “leftists” ever need a good PR guy, you should throw your resume on the stack. Just sayin.

And to find out how Mark Begich was found guilty of all sorts of wrongdoing, you can click…. um…. well…. you can just listen to the crickets.

Paul might think of retiring. Soon. Maybe Rick Rydell can help him find some property and a studio in Eastern Washington, eh?


Ms.Pearl said...

We don't want him in Eastern Washington, Phil. We have enough nut jobs already, so I'll say, "thanks, but no thanks."

Glad to see you know the difference between eek and eke ;-)

alaskapi said...

re- the eek and eke:
I've been wondering if it was a proofreading slipup or whether Mr Jenkins freeked when his leftist jackals metaphor got out of control and threatened to consume him...
Sometimes our minds are kind to us. I had forgotten all about Mr Jenkins and the Voice of the Times. Going to work on forgetting him again...

Lazarhat said...

I'm one of the progressive blogs listed here. But I don't quite fit the Dan Coffey, Dan Fagen and Paul Jenkins typical demographic of who exactly would be 'attacking' our 'poor, grieving mayor'. Perhaps because they are slaves to the party machine and fail to 'think' outside their tiny little neoconservative box. Or maybe because absolute power or the illusion of having it has lead them to believe they are somehow powerful enough to bury the public records of their ethical lapses.

Thanks for this article, Philip and allow me to point you to my progressive perspective on same.

-Laz/Cat Herder