Monday, February 2, 2009

Saradise Lost - Book 2 - Chapter 28 -- The Intersection of Two Careers

First of all, those were not the Cole Haan boots from last Fall that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was wearing to the Alfalfa Club in Washington, DC last Saturday.

Here's a picture of Palin in the Cole Haan boots.

And here's picture of the $600.00 boots from their Summer 2008 on-line catalog.

And here are pictures of the Saturday boots from the side and front.

The front view also includes a dandy view of her rucksack, no doubt used to cart as many goodies back to Alaska as possible.

I don't have a boot fetish, and compared to a lot of bloggers, including a couple of progressive Alaska bloggers, I haven't done that many Sarah style posts. But what are the new boots. Anyone recognize them?

While doing more research on John Zeigler, the right-wing film maker who is making Palin the main attraction of his film on the media and the 2008 presidential race, I discovered a weird intersection. If we can nail actress, dancer and talent agent Lisa Ann in a pair of the same boots as Palin, I think the case might be closed.

Here's Lisa Ann in September 2006.

Here's Sarah Palin in September 2006:

Here's Lisa Ann this week:

And here's the women of The View talking about Palin this week:

more on this later....

ahem....! Back to work, Phil.

all still photos artistically edited at Progressive Alaska


AKPetMom said...

I did a funny post on my blog today about Sarah and her shoes.
I have looked but I can't find out what kind of boots those are, although looking at them I think now that I know why she was in DC this weekend and why she was keeping it quiet. She was raising money for SarahPac, the old fashioned way, finally using her feminine charm in the most profitable way, using her greatest talent, her looks, instead of trying to tax her brain.
(okay, that was mean, sorry)
Her sartorial sense is always somewhat lacking, unless of course she has a "sugar daddy" to spend $25,000 per month on her upkeep. Todd can't afford that on his Iron Dog winnings, for sure.
Just being bitchy and catty and it does feel good to get it out.

By the way, I loved your posts on the ASO concerts this weekend and I should take time to post thanks to you on covering important arts events instead of just being bitchy about Sarah Palin.
Thanks again for all that you do. I feel like I've been sucked into misdirecting my energy and I must redirect it into channels that actually are productive, as you do so often in your articles.

AKPetMom said...

Another comment on the stupid boots: I've emailed Heather and Jessica at
to see if they know what brand the boots are and how much they might have cost. (not that it matters)
They are the queens of all things sartorial and actually write for NYT regarding fashion.
My best guess was that the boots looked like they came from the Payless buy one get one free January event in Wasilla, but I have a feeling they are much more dear than that.
I usually don't concern myself with such matters, but as soon as I hear back from the "fug" girls, I'll let you know.
The fugs are a great "palate cleanser" after too much heavy reading. That's the only reason I go to their website, honest. I live in hiking boots and fleece.

funkalunatic said...

I think that this particular style of boot is to women what giant pickup trucks are to men - often a sign of insecurity.

Anonymous said...

I just watched the clip you posted from the 2006 gubernatorial debate. I cannot believe Alaskans chose Palin over Halcro or Knowles. That blows my mind.

Anonymous said...

i lost so much sleep last night over those boots, make this madness stop !

KaJo said...

I just watched the "View" video. Aarggh, such shrill voices, it's like listening to THREE Sarah Palins all at once (but I even like and agree with at least 2 of the panelists)! Those voices are why I DON'T watch that program as a rule...

Anyway, John Ziegler is an idiot. We all know that. So he says triumphantly in this View show that he did a poll after the election asking "which of the 4 candidates had a pregnant teenage daughter?", like that was supposed to prove how HORRIBLE the media was towards Sarah Palin...

I can just see the hundreds of thousands of Sarah Palinistas nodding up and down like bobbing-head dolls, saying, yeah, that mean ol' MSM, they loved Obama and they dissed Sarah Palin.

While I'm ranting, why are the Palinistas ALWAYS pairing Obama and Palin together in sentences, as if it was SHE who was running for President?????? That really grates on me. And it SHOULD on John McCain, but he seems oblivious.

The MSM took it easy on McCain -- they could have taken that 10 page New York Times article delving into McCain's past, and really ran with it -- but they didn't.

Palinistas say Sarah Palin was used by McCain's people, who pushed Bristol Palin out on the stage as "proof" about Sarah Palin's claim to be Trig's mother. They never would have done that without Palin's complicity. A stupid, self-serving thing to do, and it proved nothing to anyone with half a brain.

Sarah Palin has never EVER said, "I am Trig Palin's BIRTH MOTHER" (I don't know why she hasn't, it's not like she's never LIED before).

And there are pictures aplenty to prove she's not. And no Tripp, so what she and McCain put Bristol through was for naught.

Annette said...

One question I would have to ask.. when did the Obama's ever put their children out like Palin did hers? They were very careful to never do that. Most of the time their girls were home with Grandma and once school started they were in school not on the campaign trail as the Palin kids were. That was one of the things that was brought out in the Greta interview by one of them.. the youngest girl I think it was.. that she had missed so much school running around the country with mom and dad.

GinaM said...

That Debate!!! How did she get elected?? Were the voters asleep in the voting booths? Her answer to the abortion question was so devoid of any emotions or feelings. A stark difference between Halcro and Knowles. I thought Knowles was going to cry. Both men have daughters, so they were clearly relating to that question(would you counsel your daughter to have an abortion if she was raped?) from a personal perspective whereas Sarah Palin has 3 daughters and sounded like she could careless if one of her daughters were raped and conceived a child. What a piece of work!!

ravenstrick said...

Cole Haan - Milana Tall Boot (Black/

Philip Munger said...

ravenstrick - I don't think so. The ones from last Saturday have flatter toes and something going on along the top front. The Cole Haan Milanas are clean.

ravenstrick said...

Okay - check these out:

David Tate "Denver"


Anonymous said...

Mayor May Not -December 11, 1971
Pebbles is voted Honorary Mayor of Bedrock during student week so the Mayor goes on vacation, leaving Pebbles in charge. Wanting to improve the city, Pebbles switches the duties of the city departments. Disaster ensues and the city workers all quit. The gang and their parents take over and run the city while Pebbles tries to get the workers back by throwing a picnic.


Phil-- this would be a great thing for you to link to if you can-- it makes me think of the guv!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

What a shock! The Gov of my former homeland of Alaska showing up in DC in CFM (come fuck me) boots.

Why did you all vote for her? Oh, right, the CFM boots!

Philip Munger said...

ravenstrick - the David Tate's you pointed toward are too pointy, not a flat enough front. Everything else almost works.

ravenstrick said...

You really seem to know your boots Phil.

Gives one pause....

Philip Munger said...

ravenstrick - I knew this would happen. My favorite boots are steel-toed, insulated, high-top Xtra-tuffs

Anonymous said...

I too wondered, after watching that interview, how the hell Alaska chose Palin. And the boots, well to this untrained eye, they look like something a hooker would be wearing the soles thin on while strutting her stuff down Tryon and Trade, Charlotte, NC.

Keep up the good work. I love this blog!