Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Sockeyes are In on Neklason Lake

Judy, Strider and I went out onto Neklason Lake early this evening, to look at the Sockeye and Coho salmon, spawning in the thousands.

Their favorite area is the naturally gravel beach to the south of Camp Challenge.

These two loons appear to be helping a young one. Our house i in the trees on the opposite shore.

More salmon spawning next to the beach.

A large school of Sockeye, ruffling the water as we approach.


akbright said...

Great photos. Thanks so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

harassing fish on their spawning beds ?

Great example to set.

Philip Munger said...

anon @ 12:29 a.m:

the raft draws 5 inches of water. we cruised at about point two knots or drifted.

Anonymous said...

It is what it is...