Friday, January 25, 2013

Sierra Club to Join to Protest Obama's Climate Change Inaction - February 17th

November 2011 White House climate protest
Fourteen months ago, organized a massive demonstration outside the White House in Washington, DC.  Its purpose was to put pressure on Obama to not OK the Keystone XL pipeline project in the USA.

In his second inaugural address Monday, Obama said:
We will respond to the threat of climate change, knowing that the failure to do so would betray our children and future generations. Some may still deny the overwhelming judgment of science, but none can avoid the devastating impact of raging fires, and crippling drought, and more powerful storms. The path towards sustainable energy sources will be long and sometimes difficult. But America cannot resist this transition; we must lead it. We cannot cede to other nations the technology that will power new jobs and new industries - we must claim its promise. That is how we will maintain our economic vitality and our national treasure - our forests and waterways; our croplands and snowcapped peaks. That is how we will preserve our planet.
Fancy words.  Words that are meaningless without meaningful action.  Many of us are watching to see if Obama acts on the looming nuclear waste storage crisis (crisis is far too mild a word!), ocean acidification, the threats to infrastructure from rising oceans, bays and inlets, and the rapid depletion of biomass from our oceans. is teaming together with The Sierra Club, in what will mark the first public demonstration involving the National Sierra Club organization in its history, to put pressure on Obama:
When: February 17th, at 12 Noon  
Where: The National Mall, Washington D.C.  
Who:, The Sierra Club and the Hip-Hop Caucus  
Why: To tell Barack Obama it's time to lead in the fight against climate change, beginning with the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.  
For more information about rides, housing and answers to Frequently Asked Questions, visit  
Just over a year ago, 15,000 people surrounded the White House -- and President Obama listened, delaying the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. This is our best chance to show the President how strong this movement has become since then -- sign up today.
The organizers are hoping that this demonstration will be the biggest protest outside the White House in U.S. history.  Good for them.

I doubt it will have any impact on Obama's policies.  Obama didn't delay the Keystone XL decision out of concern for the environment.  He delayed it to reign in votes in the 2012 election from the left.  He will make his second-term decisions on the environment with as much concern for justice as he did in the prosecution of Wall Street banksters in his first term.

Here's a video put together by the event organizers:


Anonymous said...

In your hack article earlier this week about Obama's speech you claim he didn't say anything about climate change.

Today you quote his speech and call attention to his bringing up the issue of climate change.

Which is it? It's long been the pattern that you appear to think you can make up your own reality.

Your hackery appears to know no bounds. Up is down and all that, eh?

Anonymous said...

More false narrative, Munger.

The organizers, (you aren't included) state that they hope to make their rally the largest climate rally in history.

They don't say they want to create 'the biggest protest outside the White House'. They're asking people to gather on the National Mall.

In fact, contrary to another of your unfounded premises, they state they take the president at his word. They don't come out creating unfounded imaginary rhetorical devices.

As far as what you doubt, it's immaterial what you might care to interject, That's as immaterial as your pretentious and sanctimonious assertion that these people's last actions had no effect on Obama, that he had some nefarious motive that only you in your wisdom can discern. (Boosts your self image though, gotta support your own myth, right?)

You are attempting to create a myth of your own stilted imagination and trying to sell your own presuppositions with no objective other than to promote your own mythical reality.

You've created some fallacious suppositions and inferred that the president has not acted on a number of fronts. As in the past, you've ignored or misrepresented the facts and there's no evidence that you've reported on what the president has done, only your imaginary claims that he's not doing what you want him to regardless of whether this president has done more than any other president in history or not.

Put all the derision and scorn you dream up to criticize this president, put that together with your false narratives and misrepresentations, add in your use of dog whistle racial slurs and one has to wonder whether your lack of objectivity can be attributed to something a little more base than you're alluding to.

Once again you've cribbed someone else's work in order to give you a front for interjecting much that the Sierra Club and haven't said and aren't likely to say because what you interject isn't anything other than your imaginary preconceptions and unfounded suppositions.

I'm not at all sure that the Sierra Club and want to be associated with all your false narratives and misrepresentations.

See, most people have some scruples about being honorable and they have some ethic that keeps them from lying and creating false narratives. Most people don't use dog whistle racial slurs.

You, not so much.

Here you are getting all self righteous about the difference between 'words and actions', well, your words don't match your actions. Hypocrisy is the term most often applied. Not a 'progressive value in any progressive circles I'm aware of. Lying and mythical imaginary assertions are known to be the nature of the opposition, not something valued by progressives.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous Asshole,
Why don't you put your full legal name behind your words? Because most everyone knows, until you do that, your just a sad annoying chickshit troll. If you don't like what Phil has to say, then go somewhere else? But no, you have taken it upon yourself to spend hours upon hours, day after day, trying to defame Mr. Munger with overused, repetitive, redundant, insulting verbiage. It is painfully clear you either have no life and you're just a bitter old jerk, or you work for someone to produce your obvious petty drivel. Now, if you will please respond so I can return to ignoring your consistent load of crap.


Anonymous said...

Aren't you a peach?

Ignore what you want, your boorish wheedling shouldn't compel anyone to do anything but note how hypocritical and asinine it is to demand someone else use a full legal name when nothing you did proves any equivalency being adhered to in your own actions.

Not to mention your many conjectures are simply drivel and without any redeeming quality.

What's additionally hilarious is you pretend to have carved out some higher moral ground for yourself when all you've accomplished is demonstrating how much of a sanctimonious fraud you are.

You evidently have nothing to offer in so far as addressing any actual contextual idea, nor does it appear you have the ability to advance any meaningful premise, so all you've been reduced to is attempting to shoot the messenger, (and at that, failing miserably )

The manner in which you express yourself leads one to imagine you might pop a vein someday because you mistakenly believe your own bloviating irrelevance was somehow a positive character trait for you to attempt to highlight and expand on.

I think it's probably best you try to ignore what you have clearly and demonstratively proven to not comprehend.

Anonymous said...

Here's a quote from the Sierra Club's president.

"In his first term, President Obama did more than any other president to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and scale up clean energy.

Hmmm, I don't believe there's been any acknowledgement of this here in mystical imaginary Mungerland. Reality doesn't mesh with Munger's fantasies so he denies reality in favor of his self-generated myths.

Otherwise known as tawdry, inconsequential and contemptible hackery.