Monday, January 21, 2013

Defending My Earlier Post on Obama's Inaugural Address

First of all, I wasn't alone in feeling uncomfortable with the president using imagery drawn from Martin Luther King Monday.  My earlier post drew an accusation of "racism" on my part, for use of the term "Uncle Tom" to reflect how Obama is dealing with some of the contemporary problems he might be doing more to stem or reverse, or has even intentionally exacerbated.  I've seen the same term hurled at other critics of the president today, even when they didn't make use of that term.

Cornel West made some of the same comparisons between Obama and King that Glenn Greenwald and I had made.  I hope some see his statements here as something of a vindication of my point of view:

West does compare Obama's policies here as "the new Jim Crow."  He is quite eloquent.

firedoglake, where I often write, ran several viewpoints on the inauguration, the speech, and other inaugural events.  Some were in support of the president, some critical.


Anonymous said...

There is no 'vindication' for your use of an objectionable racial slur.

Eloquence isn't anywhere near likely to be used to describe your hackery.

Anonymous said...

Delusions of grandeur much?

You might fantasize that you can compare yourself to others but the simple truth is you're not those others you're constantly trying to hide behind.

You're not Glen Greenwald, though he is known for his own inconsistencies and hackery, but he didn't in any manner attempt to employ racial slurs.

And you're certainly not ever going to be compared in any way to Cornell West. Ever.

Your fantasy is wholly self-generated and beneath contempt. You've got nothing...

Philip Munger said...

anon @ 9:43 and 10:03 - so you agree or disagree with Dr. West?

Anonymous said...

It's totally immaterial whether one agrees with West or not, there's nothing about West that's at all comparable to your reprehensible behavior.

You're simply still attempting to vindicate your own inadequacies by falsely attempting to equate and/or compare yourself to others.

You cannot stand on your own, so you continue with your hope to stand on other's accomplishments, when you're not trying to find justification to hide behind other's mistakes.

All you've provided is yet another confirmation that you're simply an self-aggrandizing ass.

You create false narratives to support your insecurity about your own inadequacies.

When in error, the honorable express regret and apologize. But like knowledge gained too late to be of any practical use, apologizing as a last resort is not worth a whit.

Anonymous said...

Attempting to defend the indefensible is simply doubling down on your dog whistle racism.


Anonymous said...

What difference does it make whether he is Uncle Tom reborn or not, at least The Big O declared the end of our war with Al Quaeda.

And Al Quaeda is no longer at war with us, given that the Other Big O is dead.

Next we hear from our correspondent in Timbuktu from Radio Free Mali, where real estate prices are rebounding thanks to the efforts of progressive Muslims to expand the real estate market by opening up new lands that had been formerly sitting idle for centuries.