Sunday, January 6, 2013

Raise Your Hand If You're Pissed Off That Hundreds of Brave Women and Men Are Out on the Gulf RIGHT NOW Because Shell Screwed Up Their Fucking Tax Scam

I am!

There's a Gale blowing off Sitkaldinak Island, and hundreds of men and women are out there riding through it, most likely because of three things:
1). The skipper of the Aivaq was under pressure he succumbed to to not pull into shelter along the west coast of Kodiak on the 27th or 28th of December. 
2).  Because the Aivaq was not equipped with the best possible winch and towing system for its mission.
3).  Because Shell Alaska wanted to rip you, me and our kids off for millions.

If it were just another barge out there, like the hundreds and hundreds that have been wrecked on Alaska beaches over the past decades, you wouldn't have a 600-person and growing shore operation.

If it were just another barge out there, you wouldn't have a few dozen landing craft, boats, tugs, supply ships and a Coast Guard cutter out there in this shit, or a few C-47 Chinooks down all the way from Fairbanks.

If it were just another barge on there, even with 150,000 gallons of diesel plus change aboard, you wouldn't see the media and bloggers like me paying this much attention.

It is because Shell Alaska and its foreign parent are very, very powerful players, both in the world economy, and in Alaska politics.

If you're not pissed, you probably should be.

I'm also pissed that Sen. Mark Begich hasn't yet made a statement on the grounding, or on the dangers people are enduring for this company that has befouled the Niger Delta:

 The river basins of Bolivia:

The Timor Sea:

.....  and can't wait to end life as it is has been known for 10,000 years by the Inupiat of Alaska's northwest coast.

Here's a screenshot of Mark's press releases as of an hour ago:

Here's a screenshot of his facebook New Year's Resolutions, posted after the grounding:
Nothing on this on his twitter account.

Maybe he's saving it all up for some sort of announcement about the investigation he will lead.

Not holding my breath.

Meanwhile, hold up your hand if you're pissed, Pete Slaiby .........

I thought not.


Dan said...

Ich bin sehr aufgepissed!

David Otness_Cordova said...

Thanks, Phillip.
You're saying what needs to be said.
I'm fresh off a two hour conversation w/ Stephen @ Groundswell, this is some great icing on that conversational cake.
Our entire fed delegation is lost in the Roar of the Silence.
And, where, oh wherefore art thou, Gov Parnell?
Cleaning the pee off of your leg after Royal Dutch Sheckel told you it was only rain?

Philip Munger said...


Tell Stephen "HI!"