Saturday, January 26, 2013

Mark Begich Asks for Help - Sign the NO FRANKENFISH! Petition

Those of us who have watched the degradation and evisceration of the wild salmon runs of the British Columbia coastal waters over the past decades, and the relationship that catastrophe has had to unsound fishery and fish farm practices by the provincial and Canadian national governments understand how vulnerable salmon are.  Alaska has maintained the most sound salmon fishery practices in the world since statehood.  There are faults, for sure, but with the exception of the effects of climate change and major questions about trawler bycatch, we're doing OK.

That could change markedly with the introduction of genetically modified salmon.  Although Obama's Food and Drug Administration is claiming the frankenfish will be raised in Panama, that claim is a lie:
Mr. Entis, who no longer works for [Aquabounty], has formed a new company to rear the salmon in the United States.
Alaska's congressional delegation is united in attempting to thwart the first genetically modified animal from being grown in the United States, and in questioning the methods involved in the Obama administration's handling of the potential introduction of this new creature into the wild.

Sen. Mark Begich sent out an appeal to supporters and contributors today, asking for help:
I'm sure you've heard of Frankenstein, but have you heard of Frankenfish? Unlike the fictional monster, Frankenfish are very real. And they may pose a very real threat to fisheries up and down the Pacific coast.  
Right now, the FDA has an open public comment period regarding approval of these genetically altered salmon -- and I need you to show them how you feel.  
Tell the FDA: No Frankenfish! Click here to add your name to my open letter. 
Genetically modifying salmon with some kind of super-growth formula sounds like a plot line to a bad horror flick.  
The FDA has been charged with examining the effect that these salmon could have on our environment and on human health. But there is no way to know what would happen if these Frankenfish escaped into the wild.  
Well-managed wild salmon are one of America's richest resources, and best foods. There is no reason to mess with that.  
Before the public comment period closes, help me tell the FDA: No Frankenfish! 
Click here to sign the open letter right now 
Up in Alaska, we take pride in knowing that our salmon is the best in the world. We take pride in having a thriving fisheries industry that supports working families. And the simple truth is there is no way to tell what impact Frankenfish will have on our environment, our ocean ecosystem, and even human health.   
Sign the letter today 
Thank you.

The impact frankenfish will have on Alaska can not be positive, no matter how one tries to spin it.

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