Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Reminder from 2008 - Romney and Obama in Alaska

With the apparent crash of both the Rick Perry campaign (where the headlines this morning are a lot like "PERRY DEBATE DISASTER: This is the Moment that Killed His Campaign --- For Good")  and the Herman Can campaign, one gains a bit of respect for the durability of those two chronically perpetual GOP candidates, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.

Here are the numbers from Alaska in February 2008, when Alaskans turned out in harsh weather to vote for their favorite candidates in the Democratic Primary and the GOP Voter Preference Event:
Barack Obama --- 6,471
Mitt Romney --- 5,177
Mike Huckaby --- 2,596
Hillary Clinton --- 2,138
Ron Paul --- 2,004
John McCain --- 1,837
I called in to a right-wing AM radio show on Tuesday, with the host soliciting comments on the quality of the 2012 GOP field at this point. I told the host that Cain does not show leadership potential, that the GOP field is so pathetic that my dog - given the right staff - could do a better job as president, and that unless he really screws up badly between now and next November, Obama will be president until 2016.


notafaux said...


The Department of State is planning to put the brakes on the controversial Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, Reuters reports. After seeming to be a foregone conclusion, approval by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama of the $7 billion Canada-to-Texas pipeline hit a wall of popular opposition and scandal. Climate activists mobilized across the nation, risking arrests in acts of civil disobedience, to raise the alarm about the civilizational risks of mining the tar sands. Nebraskans of all political stripes united in opposition to the foreign oil company TransCanada’s abusive practices and plans to cut across the state’s most valued ecosystems. State’s decision to reconsider its draft impact statements to evaluate alternate routes means possible final approval, originally expected this year, will be delayed at the minimum by several months.

"When President Obama stands up to big oil, we stand with him,” Bold Nebraska leader Jane Kleeb responded.

At today’s press briefing, Jay Carney outlines President Obama’s criteria for determining whether the pipeline is in the national interest: “Public health, climate change, economic growth and jobs, all of these things have to be factored in.”

Anonymous said...

My dog could run with your dog as the VP candidate. Together they would easily surpass the intelligence of all the GOP candidates.