Saturday, November 19, 2011

Occupy UC Davis Protesters Suffer Chemical Burns for Peaceful Sit-In

This is pretty disgusting.  At least one of the kids was admitted to a hospital for treatment for chemical burns.  Here's a vdeo (one of many, as one can see dozens of students taking pictures and videos with phones and laptops).  This jerk should have his badge pulled:

More on this at Huffington Post.

And at Politicalgates, wherePatrick seems shocked at what has happened to the campus police forces at some U.S. colleges.

Steve Aufrecht from What Do I Know? visited Occupy Anchorage Thursday, and posted video.


Anonymous said...

who cares what germany thinks? Like we need him to be appalled at something that we are already sickened by. Get real. sycophant.

nswfm said...

You know, people jumped on Patrick about Weimar Germany comparisons and we're headed there. Sometimes, you need people with distance to see the forest from the trees.

Europe is still blowing up, Middle East/North America is still blowing up, and China's real estate bubble is blowing up....All after our real estate bubble/bank bail out/bankster rewards with great bonuses blew up.

Who cares what Germany thinks? You should, anonymous. It might be too late for you for intellectual honesty, but might be even worse for your kids, grand kids, and parents.

nswfm said...

By the way, do we in the US still get to have First Amendment rights?

" "I want to be very clear in calling upon the Egyptian authorities to refrain from any violence against peaceful protesters. The people of Egypt have rights that are universal. That includes the right to peaceful assembly and association, the right to free speech, and the ability to determine their own destiny. These are human rights. And the United States will stand up for them everywhere." —Barack Obama"

Joie Vouet said...

It's not surprising that "Patrick" seems shocked. He is ignorant of U.S. history and politics, and, yes, even ignorant of U.S. geography of the sort that's taught in elementary schools.

It wasn't long ago that he was sure that Sarah Palin might coast to the nomination and be elected.

There is a strong anti-American bent to some of his posts.

I wouldn't worry too much about what an non-american, failed pregnancy theorist thinks about U.S. politics.

Aussie Blue Sky said...

Love these attackers on Patrick Politicalgates; they never cite any evidence.

I'm sure Patrick enjoys getting up their noses.

flying fish said...

The pepper sprayer is Lt. John Pike of UC Davis Police.

Philip Munger said...

Lt. John Pike should have his shield (police talk for badge) taken from him. It should be cut up into little bitty pieces in front of his eyes. Then it should be dipped in pepper spray. He can then be given the option of eating it and re-entering the ranks of the UCD Police at entry level (after some training in US law), or released to a world of litigation from those he burnt.