Saturday, November 5, 2011

Four Years of Progressive Alaska

Mooch the cat - my longtime editor
The first post at Progressive Alaska was on November 4th, 2007, a day after my 61st birthday.  Now, 3,414 posts later, I'm 65 and Progressive Alaska is four. 

When PA began, there weren't nearly as many progressive Alaskan blogs as there now are.  Twitter wasn't going yet, and Facebook was barely off the ground.

Most Americans had never heard of Sarah Palin, and far fewer knew anything about Wasilla, Alaska.  From August 29th 2008 through October 5th 2011, PA, along with a lot of other blogs around Alaska, the USA and the world, spent a lot of time trying to make sure Sarah Palin wasn't somehow insinuated upon the world.  In the end, more than anything we did, she did herself in.

PA ended up publishing 492 posts as parts of the Saradise Lost Series:
•  Saradise Lost - Book I --- 181 chapters  (the 2008 Presidential campaign)
•  Saradise Lost - Book II --  77 chapters  (from Palin's return to Juneau to the resignation announcement)
•  Saradise Lost Book III --   31 chapters  (from the announcement to the quitting)
•  Saradise Lost Book IV --  66 chapters  (Palin's re-insinuation into national political dialog)
•  Saradise Lost Book V --   86 chapters  (following Palin's attempt to create a 2012 campaign basis)
•  Saradise Found --------  32 chapters  (strange events of people worshipping Palin)
•  Saradise Lost & Found -- 19 chapters  (Palin oddities)
Besides those articles, PA has probably published over 100 other articles and diaries about Palin.

2007 anti-coal plant sign near Palmer
When PA began, we were concerned about plans for a huge coal-burning power plant proposed to be built on the southeast edge of Palmer.  Now we're fighting up here in the Valley to keep a huge open pit coal mine from being developed within yards of residential subdivisions, and 3.8 miles directly upwind from my house.  The way the wind was blowing here yesterday, it would take that coal dust five minutes to get from the mine to my yard, windows and lungs.

There are more battles to be fought here, too.  I'm going to devote much space to following Carl Gatto very closely this upcoming legislative session, even though I've been gerrymandered out of his legislative district.

Since August, I've had the biggest work load ever at UAA, and added a class that is wonderful to teach - advanced music theory - but has required a tremendous amount of preparation and accounting time.  And I've got three music composition projects going on simultaneously, something I hadn't tried to do since starting PA.

I've learned a lot while writing here.   Much of it has been from doing research for articles.  But a lot has been from readers who commented.

Neklason Lake and the Talkeetnas above Wishbone Hill


Anonymous said...

A darn (excuse the language) fine work you've done here on every topic you have tackled. For many of these past 4 years I haven't commented but was in awe of your intelligent take on such a variety of subjects, Am
still in awe but now comment when it seems appropriate and now seemed to be one of those moments.
Thank you sincerely for this enlightening blog. Long may it live.

sallyngarlan,tx said...

I havent commented much, either but have really enjoyed your blog. I enjoy all of the political stuff and always look forward to the gardening pictures. Thank you for all the time and effort you have put in.

Your music career sounds so interesting. I bet your students really enjoy your classes.

Thanks again.

sallyngarland,tx said...


supposed to be "garland," not "garlan"

Anonymous said...

Woot !
And it has been a fine 4 years!
Been reading since day one Mr. Munger.
We (you & I) have have our battles, but at the end of the day, we are better for it.
Meanwhile, I got a white iris patch growing strong and healthly. From a small root clump, plucked from the Seward Penni sula, to my yard in Wasilla, awaiting to give to you (and eventually Judy)... The tiny strong white iris has survived moose, horrible winds, more moose... But it is there... awaiting your yard... Someday, somewhere we will meet and I can give you a white iris...
Hugs Phil

Anonymous said...

By the way... My best reads from your blog = the AG appointment of Palin, W.A. Ross and the failure of said appointment.

Philip Munger said...

Thanks, friends!

Anonymous said...

congrats! You've proven that you hate sarah palin and jews. A weird combo, but at least it keeps you off the streets.

Aussie Blue Sky said...

Constant Reader, big fan; my only criticism is there wasn't enough of Judy's garden this year. Happy anniversaries, Phil.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 10:10PM:

Congrats! You've proven that you love Sarah Palin and hate Palestinians. A weird combo, but at least it keeps you off the streets.

Bless your little heart.

Anonymous said...


Your summary fails to mention your occasional trip in a spaceship, when you leave an Alien behind to ghost write for you.

Your blog always stimulate intellectual curiosity. But sometimes it is really out there.


Anonymous said...

This is my first comment here, Phil, but I enjoy your blog very much. May your next four be as pleasurable for us as your last four.


Anonymous said...

Have always loved your blog, happy anniversary! And happy b-day, same as mine!

seagull junker palin

Anonymous said...

I started reading because I wanted more information on Sarah Palin. ADN's coverage of her left me with a lot of questions. I've come to enjoy all your columns: those on local politics, national politics, music appreciation, Israel and the Palestinian people, gardening etc.

Thanks for the blog and Happy Birthday.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Phil! I always come here first. :)


Anonymous said...

Phil, love this blog and visit several times a day.
Happy birthday.