Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ice Pictures

Right now it is 3 below zero F at our place.  I spent a lot of today outside (it was slightly warmer - plus 4), moving snow from our long driveway and parking lots.  The winds last week had created a lot of drift snow, which is really hard to move.  The space between the snow molecules gets ground down in drift snow, so the snow blower gets choked up or just plain stuck.  Anyway, my dog, snow shovel, snow blower and I had a lot of quality time together today in the northern sunshine.

Above is a birch tree, its ice crystals gleaming in the sunshine.  This morning, before attacking the snow, I worked on a piece of music for a capella chorus, depicting a Paper birch, like this one, on the Autumn equinox.

Below, are two views looking out the windows in my dormant greenhouse.

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