Sunday, November 6, 2011

Occupying the White House - Sunday's Keystone XL WH Protest

Sunday saw a large demonstration in Washington DC, as thousands of environmental advocates successfully surrounded the White House, as a long plastic tube, representing the XL shale oil pipeline, snaked through hundreds of feet-long stretches of crowd.  The warm autumn day helped make the demonstration such a positive image.  The sun was bright and crisp.  The gathering was packed with hundreds of young people, enthusiastically supporting something they once thought the president believed in:

This effort is more comprehensive:

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Anonymous said...

Every time I hear a well-oiled GOP talking head calling for 'energy independence,' I want to shake them. We can only be energy independent when we stop this greed for oil. Obama was right about properly inflated tires. Conservation and developing environmentally neutral alternatives is the only answer for us and the next generations.
Of course, if you think the accumulation of wealth by oil execs doesn't matter because Jeebus is returning soon, then who cares?