Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekly Garden Pictures

Above - radishes. I cut part of the Daikon radish into three-inch long slivers, served with smoked Sockeye salmon.

Below - green bean flowers. We'll start having beans in about ten days, depending upon how much sun we get.


Squash flowers and fruit, growing rapidly.

The first crop of spinach is starting to go to seed.


emrysa said...

very nice! how can you not pull that spinach? or are you growing it for seed?

I've been eating cucumber sandwiches for a month and a half and finally have some tomatoes that are starting to get ripe. I am on the second planting of squash & zucchini... the first group got taken by the squash vine borer, but I did get some fruit from them before that happened.

thanks for the pics!

Philip Munger said...

We haven't pulled the spinach because I am growing this row for seed. There are three more plantings maturing, and another one will go in next week, for late August-September eating.

AKjah said...

Wow looks great. Ok i should have looked before posting at FDL but i dont Always check the AK blogs everyday. Perhaps in the summers coming i will have time for a garden....yeah right.