Monday, July 18, 2011

More Fresh Mid-July Garden Pictures

Very large yellow squash flower

Roasted beets - ready to be sliced for a party salad for a Democratic Party fundraiser
Lots of tiny Provider green beans.  Looks like they'll ne ready in a week.

A new planting of 40 heads of lettuce.  They'll be ready in mid-August.

Old and new cilantro.  The old plants are blooming for seed - 16th generation.

Shoots coming out of Spearmint cuttings, ready for transplant.


Anonymous said...

Are the spearmint cuttings put outside?

Philip Munger said...

They're potted into containers and put outside. I'll also transplant some cuttings into the garden in late August.

This is the first year we've propagated them from existing plants. Last winter, we lost all our spearmint planted as perennials in the garden. It's the second time it has happened. Judy suggested I try making cuttings, so we can bring in fairly new plants in September to winter over inside, in case those planted outside die.