Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Garden Pictures

Above, a geranium from Judy's rock garden.

Below, bluebells.

A South American wild succulent.

Potato flowers.

This cabbage's center probably weighs seven to nine pounds already.

Broccoli is coming up all over.

This is the earliest we have gotten corn tassles to come out.

Four kinds of beets, picked, in front of fully mature Romaine lettuces.

Stupice tomato flowers.  One of the Stupice plants has about 120 tomatoes on it.

From top left - a Black Cherry tomato, two Stupices, and a Black from Tula, I picked this morning for various reasons.  I thought the Black from Tula was possibly diseased, but it is just some sort of discoloration.  I'll let them ripen on the greenhouse planting bench.


Anonymous said...

I'm amazed that you can grow tomatoes and broccoli in the same season. We can't down south, it gets too hot; in fact it's been so hot nothing seems to be growing right. Some have had to start gardens all over again.

Maybe it will come to pass that AK and Canada will be the only places you can grow some things, and we will have to change our diets or pay through the nose for a decent tomato.

emrysa said...

nice pics! like the first commenter I find it interesting to see things growing together at the same time. tomato and lettuce! you could truely have a 100% homegrown salad. that doesn't happen where I am, lettuce has been done for a while by the time we get tomatoes.

Anonymous said...

I am so envious of your garden! :)

PollyinAK said...

Food. Gardening. Earth. Plants. Truly the center of life. It is refreshing to be reminded. Very "grounding" - haha :-)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! Agree with the comments above about how nice it is to be able to grow tomatoes and lettuce at the same time. :-)