Sunday, July 3, 2011

Midsummer Garden Still Lifes

Above: Scarlet Runner beans beginning their run up a string.

Below: wrench on line, three transplanted Spearmint shoots, oregano and thyme.

Suyo cucumber plant. Why do oriental cucumbers look so, uh, oriental?

Broccoli and cabbages

Beets, a poppy and corn stalks

Rapidly growing lettuce heads

The garden in early July


Anonymous said...

Truly beautiful! I'm dripping with envy as I only had 1 successful garden in the last 5 or so yrs due to weather conditions. Now in an apt and at least my potted tomato plants are growing on the balcony, although the first 2 tomatoes (early heirlooms) were more cherry sized than full sized. Every southerner must have a tomato plant or 2, if nothing else. : )


alaskapi said...

What variety is that stunning burgundy lettuce?!
I am well into the 3rd round of lettuces here. Tiny yard so I grow greens including spinach and argula in long boxes. I have a lovely red-speckled romaine this year called Flashy Trout's Back but am now dreaming about your burgundy beauty there :-)
Alaska Pi

Philip Munger said...


It is called Sea of Red, and is from Marie's. It is a Romaine-ish lettuce.

alaskapi said...

Thanks Phil!
Not familiar with Marie's but found the seed at another seed site I like. Want to try it.

Am trying a dwarf pac-choi this year which is doing beautifully ( that which the &%$$^&ing bears haven't stomped on )and doesn't take near the time or space cabbages do.
The cucumber plants are lovely- never been able to do them here, nor beans. Hoping you will have time for pics of the cucumbers themselves later on.
Thank you for sharing your garden!

Anonymous said...

do you need a new camera? all the color in your pics look washed out.

Philip Munger said...

my camera, which is getting old, was also very inexpensive. I'm fond of it, but hope to find one that does a better job. we try. thanks for the considered comment...... I think

Anonymous said...

We love your garden photos. Started our first garden last summer, inspired by your blog posts.

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I guess I just love the photo of the cabbages and broccoli despite your old camera. How do you prepare the scarlet runners and do you put them up in some way for winter? Do you blanche and freeze them or can them?