Thursday, June 10, 2010

Uzi Dayan, Former Deputy Chief-of-Staff of the IDF, Threatens to Kill NATO Member Prime Minister

The aptly named Uzi Dayan, the former Deputy Chief-of-Staff of the IDF stated yesterday, in response to the possibility of the Turkish Prime Minister accompanying a June Gaza relief flotilla :

"If the Turkish prime minister joins such a flotilla, we should make clear beforehand this would be an act of war, and we would not try to take over the ship he was on, but would sink it.”

So, our "greatest ally in the Middle East," the country that within the past two weeks has placed dozens of nuclear-armed cruise missiles in waters of the Persian Gulf within a few miles of some of the most valuable vessels in the U.S. Navy, is prepared to declare war against one of NATO's longest standing members.

Jason Ditz, writing about Dayan's statement, observed:

The explicit threat of war against Turkey is something new, however. While Israel starts wars with a casualness rarely seen in other nations, an attack on Turkey, a key NATO member with an enormous military, would be something quite different from a monthlong attack on the Gaza Strip or blowing up metro Beirut with air strikes.

The Israelis are acting more provocatively by the day. Investigative journalist Max Blumenthal, who is now in Israel, may be uncovering more lies right now. Max, perhaps more than any other individual, is tearing apart the IDF's blatantly untrue narrative of the seizing of the Memorial Day relief convoy. Max is also urging American colleges and communities to more seriously consider seeking BDS moves against the apartheid state.

And another source tells me that more detail will emerge soon that validates what many people suspect to be the video of the murder of Furkan Dogan:


Anonymous said...

That is not at all what the article says! This is exactly like Sarah Palin misstating President Obama: “whether we like it or not, we remain a dominant military superpower.”
Jason Ditz has got it dead flat wrong - there is NO "explicit threat of war against Turkey". The suggestion is irresponsible and disturbing. It can only be viewed as intentionally misleading and provocative.

What the linked article says (as well as many other respectable credible international news sources) is very short and simple - if Turkish warships attempt to break the Gaza embargo, Israel would consider this casus beli. As such, Israel should warn Turkey of this beforehand.

“If Israel doesn't make this clear beforehand, the Turks will grow increasingly self-assured, and we may indeed find ourselves facing such a scenario, which could have been averted.

Indeed, it's Turkey that's making opportunistic bullyish statements:
"Meanwhile Tuesday, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned Israel not to test Ankara’s patience.
“Turkey’s hostility is as strong as its friendship is valuable,” he said.
This comment, officials said, could signify a change in Turkish military posture in the event that another flotilla is dispatched to the Gaza Strip. One official said that the chances that Turkey would send navy ships were slim – due to its membership in NATO – but that the issue was of great concern.
“This is a definite possibility that we need to prepare for,” a senior defense official said.

Anonymous said...

Reposted from the Sarah Palin/Helen Thomas comment thread....

Hey Phil, the Palingates website alleges that the Alaska fund trust(AFT)legal defense fund was a fraud, did RAM talk about that with you, or did she just talk about her loathing of Rahm Emmanuel????

Did She,(and the other C4P writers)believe what they were writing????

Makabit Bat Guriel said...

Do you and Hal Turner in New Jersey exchange emails often? This certainly reminds me of some of the BS he tries to sell to the world. Of course the only ones who buy into it are those that think just like he does. Which is pretty much the same with you.
Nice video by the really can't see a thing and all you can hear is some Muslim blowing steam.
Keep up the good work Phil, I'm sure Joseph Goebbels is watching you from hell and thinking he can't wait to shake your hand the day you arrive on the next trip down. You aren't related are you?