Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Can The MV Rachel Corrie Heal the Wounds Left in the Wake of the USS Liberty?

Here's an idea:

The MV Rachel Corrie should plan on reaching the exact point at which the USS Liberty was attacked by the Israeli Navy on June 8th 1967, on June 8th 2010.

They should ask for permission to lay wreaths and garlands from the families of those killed at that site 43 years ago.

They should ask that now, and continue to idle in the area north of Egypt.

They should also ask the U.S. government and Navy if they would like to send a vessel to be at the site for the wreath laying ceremony.

They should invite foreign dignitaries to charter vessels from Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey and other countries to come to the site to witness the wreath laying.

They should invite American congressional leaders to come honor the dead from a brutal battle that earned the skipper of the Liberty the Medal of Honor.

They should invite rabbis, imams, ministers, priests, shamans and witches from all faiths to pray earnestly for peace. Atheists, too.

And then,

They should be allowed to proceed to the port of Gaza, unhindered.


Anonymous said...

I don't know that I'd appreciate some speculative blogger attempting to make political hay off of the death and misfortune of others.

I'd see that as crass advocation of exploitation of the misfortune of others, I'd think I'd view such as less than an intent to honor the dead and more of a kind of attempt at advancing one's political boosterism on the backs of other's misfortune.

I have little respect for that kind of thing no matter who practices such ill-considered promotion of their interests. I find such acts repulsive and disgusting.


Makabit Bat Guriel said...

Anonymous 8:39,

Phil isn't trying to "make political hay", he's trying to push his pathetic music. This is how he does it. I wonder how much money he has made off the concerts?